C Chain's most fragrant mining PoolGo machine gun pool pledged over 3 million U.S. dollars, CFX lossless pledge annualized over 36%, the highest annualized 3771.47%, you are still waiting for what?

Since June 4, PoolGo machine gun pool within one day of launch, PoolGo coin price rose up to 3.5 times, 7 times in a week, locking up to 3 million dollars.

CFX lossless pledge annualized over 36%, is currently the highest DeFi class gaining Dapp in Conflux, and has pledged over 4.38 million CFX.

PoolGo lossless annualized over 2846.52%, PoolGo-CFX LP annualized at 3771.47%, PoolGo-CUSDT LP annualized at 3665.57%.

What are you waiting for? Come and dig the most fragrant mine in C-chain!

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any airdrops?


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