⚡ ConHero Blind Box Sale - every day at 10 a.m. UTC - don't miss it and earn cMOON!⚡

:hi: Starting on April 9th, ConHero will sell NFT blind boxes every day at exactly 10 a.m. UTC. The earlier you participate, the higher the return from mining with NFT Heroes!

What is ConHero?
After ConDragon (not the same team), ConHero is the second NFT game project on the Conflux blockchain that combines cMOON mining with NFTs and the play to earn principle.

The principle is clearly simple:

  • There are 8 different NFT heroes and two types of NFTs (limited and hidden)
  • When you buy a blind box you get a random NFT hero. The hidden hero has a very low probability.
  • NFT heroes can be staked in a mining slot and immediately start generating cMOON.
  • The hidden NFT hero can easily generate cMOON worth $ 200 with his mining weight! :outbreak:
  • The earlier you stake, the higher the ROI
  • The heroes can later be used in the ConHero game and generate income in-game

Do not miss this chance and secure your chance for a hidden NFT with an enormous ROI! Good luck!
ConHero Website / Blind Box Sale

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