ConHero Game Guide


Switch Payment Token

Click the “Token Switch” button on the game homepage to switch between CFX, cMOON, and FC. No matter which token is used for payment, other functions in the game will not be affected.

represents the current level, [2] represents the total number of games, 3 represents the current EXP.

Ranking List

Click the “Ranking List” button on the homepage, you can see the scores of the heroes in the current Ranking List, the rewards obtained, and your own score.

Score calculation rule : (Level-1) * 100 + current EXP/(Level*100)*100

Tips : Each game must be settled after the end of the game, and the scores obtained at this time are valid

5% of the game’s total revenue will enter the Ranking Mining Pool. All users share 20% of the Ranking Mining Pool every week. Settlement will be done at UTC 12 PM every Sunday, at the same time, all points and levels will be cleared.

TOP1: Enjoy 30% alone

TOP2 ~ 5: Shared 44% (Everyone gets the same bonus)

TOP6 ~ 20: Shared 26% (Everyone gets the same bonus)


·The game will unlock a hero for you by default (Not NFT);

·For other heroes, if the player has the corresponding NFT, they can use it directly, or they can choose to pay tokens to rent these “HeroNFT” for 7 days;

·You can also buy NFT in the market:;

·After equipping different NFTs, the EXP obtained for each “kill” is:

Default: 1

Bunny Girl: 1.1

Barbarian Chief: 1.1

Scarlet Witch: 1.1

Deadly Mecha: 1.1

Master Panda: 1.1

Flame Lord: 1.1

Rock Boy: 1.1

Musashi: 1.5

Weapon (Not NFT)

·The game will unlock a weapon for you by default;

·Other weapons can be purchased directly through tokens;

·After equipping different Weapons, the EXP obtained for each “kill” is:

Default: 1









Invite friends

Invite friends to enter the game, and the inviter will get 5% commission rebate of the invitee’s consumption.


·The current number of “kills” and the remaining time will be displayed in the game. The time of each game is 120 seconds. The more points you get, the higher the ranking in the game (candies will be dropped after the kill. After the hero picks up the candies, its level in the game will increase, and the size of the hero will also increase. At this time, the hero will have more advantages in the game.)

·Each game will retain the score after the settlement, if you quit halfway, the score will not be retained.

The first free game will not increase your score unless you complete more games.
For example:
Every 24 hours, you have a chance to play a free game. After completing this game, you get 10 points, but this score will not appear on the leaderboard;
Pay to complete the second game and get 10 points. At this time, your total score will increase by 20.

In the game, if the character is “killed”, you can return to the game by resurrection (free resurrection), and the points will be 0 after the resurrection.