Grant Proposal Outline (Template)

Please copy and paste this outline and fill it out directly into the forum. You are also able to attach any attachments related to your proposal you would like to share. Your proposal should address the following questions:

Project Overview: Please include the following:

  • Project title and description of the project.

  • How will this project be integrated into Conflux?

  • Why is your team interested in creating this project?

Project Details: Please include the following:

  • High-level approach, & product flow (along with a diagram).

  • Any mockup designs of user facing components.

  • Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?

Team: Please include the following:

  • Name of team members, and their roles and responsibilities.

  • Team members/emails/social media handles/github.

  • Provide the name and registered address of the legal entity that will be delivering the project.

  • Team’s relevant experience.

  • Team’s github code repositories.

Project Roadmap: This section will appear in the grants contract, and will be used to verify that milestones have been reached in order to release grant payments. Please include the following:

Breakdown of the project roadmap into a number of milestones with clear outcomes, with each milestone including:

  • Specification of the deliverable (will be used to confirm that the milestones have been reached).

  • Requested funding, milestone duration, and number of full time employees on each milestone.

  • Number of days, and cost per day.

  • Total estimated duration and cost of the whole project.

Long Term Vision: What is the team’s long term vision for the project?

Community Engagement: We ask that you market and promote your project in the forum and in external channels. For example, by publishing an article or tutorial outlining your work as part of the grant and your work with Conflux.

Delivery Requirements: Please ensure that milestones and outcomes are verifiable.

Other: Please include any further information that is relevant to your application, including any attachments.