Request for Proposals: Open Grants and Partnerships

For all Open Grant and Partnership development work, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will be submitted by the Conflux Foundation to the forum outlining specific project details. Once an RFP is submitted the community is invited to submit grant applications for the delivery of work outlined. RFPs will be adjusted on an ongoing basis, so be sure to check our forum regularly for updates.

Below is the current list of Open Grants offered by Conflux’s Global Grants Program. For each Open Grant, the community is invited to submit a Grant Application for the associated RFPs. For more details on specific open grants, please refer to the corresponding RFP.

Open Grants


Built on Conflux and Shuttleflow, Lattice is a decentralized XR operating system that brings diverse cultures and ecosystems together for access to liquid opportunities. By bridging the virtual and physical worlds through economic, network, and data connectivity, Conflux’s Lattice provides a platform for our community to build, access, and plug into ecosystems and markets around the world.

In its first phase, Lattice will be allocating grants to the Conflux community to build out:

DeFi Legos

  • CFX Backed Stablecoin: A CFX collateralized stablecoin that enables CFX staked for governance to earn a yield and be used as collateral to mint a USD stablecoin.
  • Index Protocol: An ETF minter that allows strategists to capitalize on trading strategies and asset baskets they create.
  • Derivative Protocol: A protocol that provides exotic trading options, options, swaps, and derivatives to the Conflux community.

DAO Legos:

  • Aragon: Full deployment, and maintenance of Aragon’s governance infrastructure on Conflux mainnet.
  • Gnosis Safe: Full deployment and maintenance of Gnosis Safe on Conflux mainnet.
  • DAO Services: Tooling and services for effective DAO and community growth, operations, and maintenance.

Metaverse/NFT Legos:

  • Minting Tools: Simple user facing tools for minting multi-file type NFTs.
  • Marketplace Infrastructure: Customizable storefronts, and liquid marketplaces.
  • IP and Asset Custody: Royalty schemes, and multi-chain wallets.
  • Bridges: Asset, NFT, and arbitrary message bridges for multi-chain worlds.