• I have read and understand the Conflux Grants Ecosystem Overview, and determined that my proposal is best for the Technical Grants stream (YES).
  • I understand that the Conflux Technical Grants are subject to a No Sale Rule, and I have read the terms of this rule (YES).
  • I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Conflux Foundation to receive this grant (YES).
  • I understand that I will be required to follow public grant reporting requirements (YES).


Purpose of the system:

  • We are building a Web3 data infrastructure for developers, analysts, researchers, and more. The purpose of this grant application is to provide the free-to-use raw, full-time period of data of the Conflux chain to the developers and community.

Scope of the system:

  • Blockchain is a new technology, and we are still exploring its value. Unfortunately, most analytics tools focus on cryptocurrency quotes and compliance analysis, but Footprint is changing that. Footprint Analytics is a one-stop analytics platform that makes blockchain analytics possible for anyone. Here are some of its features:
    ** Most comprehensive coverage of Chains and Domains. Now Footprint Analytics has the most comprehensive warehouse of indexed on-chain data, covering 27 chains, 18 NFT marketplaces, over 2000 GameFi projects, and over 1,000,000 NFT collections.
    ** Diverse and robust data model. Footprint has developed our own data model, which involves aggregating raw data in accordance with various triggers (scheduled, directly after the raw transaction data is saved, etc.) into tables that immediately carry business value by design.
    ** Build your customized Web3 infrastructure with Footprint Analytics Data APIs. Now, Footprint Analytics puts all data at the world’s fingertips with a unified data API. It allows developers to access data with a single query. The flexible API with SQL and REST versions is an enterprise-grade Web3 tool that connects any tech stack to blockchain networks.
    ** The first blockchain data analytics supports support web2 data connectors to understand users across the webs
  • With Footprint, anyone can collect, summarize, and visualize data from the blockchain, making it easier to process and understand blockchain data. It’s time to explore the actual value of blockchain analytics with Footprint Analytics.

Objectives and success criteria of the project

  • For indexing Conflux chain data and providing data for the community, I think the key point is the Conflux infrastructure improvement. For example, attract more developers to build protocols on Conflux using our free data APIs, and bring more analysts spread insights to benefit the community.

Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations

  • Definitions: Footprint Analytics is a data platform blending web2 and web3 data with abstractions. We help analysts, builders, and investors turn blockchain data into insights with accessible visualization tools and a powerful multi-chain API across 20+ chains for NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi.
  • Acronyms: /
  • Abbreviations: Footprint
  • References: Footprint Analytics DECK

Team Experiences

  • We have a strong team. I have to tell you how I joined the team and formed the current team together. Together with my two co-founders, I am in my 11th year of working together. In these 10+ years, our team has made e-commerce applications with 10 million users, and fintech applications including trading/risk management/credit models.
  • Most of these projects, which made it to the top of the industry, could not continue to scale up due to some industry policies. Interestingly, even after changing many different projects, our core team has been able to keep learning and keep moving forward together.
  • In 17 years, our team started to contact blockchain and was one of the early miners. 18~19 years we tried to apply our experience in quantitative trading to blockchain and did some quantitative trading in CeFi for a while, and in 20 years I led the team to develop a few Dapps. so our team has been following the blockchain track and trying some projects. In 21 years, the team went through a few intense after some heated discussions, we decided to find a track that was worth investing in for 10 years. Since our team had rich project experience in web2 data and models as well as web3 in the previous years, we made a combination of these experiences in web2 and web3 and started from the web3 data track, which was the origin of Footprint.

Team Core Members & LinkedIn
Tony Zhang - Co-founder -

  • A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience on Wall Street
  • Formerly Senior Vice President of Global Credit Trading at Bank of America in New York; Director of Credit Derivatives Trading at Merrill Lynch, also worked at Goldman Sachs Global, JPMorgan, and Lehman Brothers

Navy Tse - Co-founder & CEO -

  • Over 10 years of experience in fintech, big data, e-commerce, and mobile internet development
  • Entered the blockchain technology space in 2017
  • Led the team to develop several DeFi projects

Wade Deng - CTO -

  • Over a decade of tech experience
  • Director of a fintech company where he built anti-fraud systems and AI models for credit score
  • Led a crypto trading team, which focused on algo trading strategy on CeFi



  • Grant Tier: 3
  • Grant Size: $30,000
  • Justification: Mainly for developer costs and storage and maintenance costs required to parse the public chain.


  • Customer problems/issues: Difficult to Connect Data to Understand Users Across the Webs
  • Application problems/issues: Need to understand Conflux’s technology and data logic, as well as gather a list of projects and matching contracts in the Conflux ecosystem
  • Processes problems/issues: Not yet


Overview: Standardize Any Web2 & Web3 Data into Abstractions

Functional requirements

  • Provide the raw, full-time period of data of the Conflux chain.
  • Provide protocols’ information on the Conflux chain.
  • Provide abstract, normalized data and metrics. Create a “de facto standard” to simplify analysis across multiple protocols or chains.
  • Provide a powerful analytics tool for Conflux users, analysts, and developers to explore Conflux data on a deeper level.

Nonfunctional requirements:

  • Usability: The community can use Footprint data through Data APIs and Analytics tool
  • Reliability: Full-time and real-time data
  • Performance: 99.99% uptime
  • Supportability: Discord, Tutorials, Email - [email protected]
  • Implementation: Data API can be used via Node, Ruby, PHP, and more languages. And Analytics tool supports 0-coding and SQL query,
  • Interface: Data APIs and Analytics tool
  • Packaging: /
  • Legal / Licensing: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service

Scenarios: Developers can access to REST API to get data to build projects
Use case model

User interface, navigational paths and screen mock-ups


1. Help the developers to build their Dapps more easily: We can provide structured data and data solutions(such as data analytics and data APIs) for all the developers.

  • Free and ready-to-use project 0-coding Analytics. Footprint provides a standard dashboard based on structured tables. Conflux on-boarding projects can claim their dashboards without any investment in dev or analyst resources.
  • Free and ready-to-build APIs. Accelerate the development of the Conflux ecosystem.

2. Help Conflux to understand and monitor your ecosystem development.

  • We can provide Data on user and developer participation, number of users, activity level, etc. This is good for discovering potential projects, monitoring the condition of the ecosystem, and providing support and backing for the developers on the chain.
  • And you can compare Conflux and other chains to understand the situation of competing chains.

3. Help to increase the brand awareness of Conflux: With dashboards and research reports, we can spread the word about Conflux’s progress. We have more than 50+ media channels with 500k exposure.


  • Total Estimated Duration: 3-4 months
  • Total Costs: $30,000

Milestone 1: Conflux chain data on Footprint
Duration: 2-3 months
Funding amount: $20,000
● Structured data table: Conflux_transactions
● Structured data table: Conflux_token_transfer
● Conflux chain data analytics dashboards
● Conflux chain data APIs on Footprint
● Conflux chain’s protocols information: protocols & contracts, metadata, etc.

Milestone 2: Conflux Gamefi data on Footprint
Duration: 1-2 months
Funding amount: $10,000
● Structured Gamefi data table
● One general Conflux Gamefi data analytics dashboard
● Conflux Gamefi data APIs

We will maintain Conflux’s data to be able to be used properly for at least 1 year


Thank you for your application. Here are few questions:

  1. How is this application different from The Graph protocol?
  2. What is the underlying architecture of underlying database? How are planning to maintain the consistency of the data?
  3. Are you using SQL DB or No SQL? How are you handling any performance implications because of this choice?
  4. Do you have any clients currently using this?
  5. I find the cost proposed to be too high. Is there a possibility to reduce the grant tier?
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Currently almost there are almost no Gamefi projects on Conflux eSpace, so can the cost for second part lower ?

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Hey @nelaturuk, thanks for your comments.
Here are the answers for your questions.

#1. The difference between The graph and Footprint Analytics:

  • The graph is a data indexing protocal which requires developers to use query data from raw data for product development.
  • Footprint is a platform that parses full historical and real-time data for all analysts and developers to use. Footprint provides chain raw data and structured data such as GameFi, NFT, Wallet profiles, and Reference data.

#2 & 3:
We leverage Trino (formerly PrestoDB) and Doris as our primary databases, both of which are SQL-based. For a detailed understanding of our architecture, please refer to our GitHub page.

Our architecture is designed to handle a significant workload, currently supporting over 10 million requests per day and more. One of our key strengths lies in our ability to provide fast response times, with a P95 response time of less than 1 second.

To address data consistency , we have developed our own smart validator engine , which is integrated across different layers of data (bronze, silver, gold). This validator plays a crucial role in maintaining data integrity, as outlined in our GitHub documentation.

Overall, our database architecture combines the power of Trino, Doris, and our custom validator to deliver a scalable, high-performance solution that meets the demands of our big data environment.

Here are some links for your referrence:
Our github page:
Data layers :
Data pipeline:

#4 Here is a graph showing part of our clients and partners.

#5. Yes, I think we can discuss the grant tier since we’d love to contribute and cooperate with Conflux. @jiuhuaDAO And it would ok for us to just index Conflux chain data and lower the grant amount.

See if you have any other questions about the application, and looking forward to working together. :heart_eyes: