Archive Node - Requirements / Rewards


I am looking at setting up an archive node / full node or light node

Are there rewards received in CFX for providing this hardware / service? If so, is there any documentation on this? Haven’t been able to find any

Also, for an archive node, what storage requirements would I need for HDD size and compute requirements / ram?


This is the document for running a Conflux node.

Only mining config opened, that user can receive CFX Reward

Also this is about how to run a miner: Conflux Tethys GPU Mining Instruction (v1.1.4)

Currently the archive node require 200G hard disk

Ok so I am pool mining with WoolyPooly right now with my mining rig.

Is the Node a separate rig? Or can I direct my miner to my own node, rather than WoolyPooly?

Thank you for your reply

Hi Candyman!
Have you finally run mining over your own node? or you still doing it at a pool?
I’ve just started my node and it is in synchro phase.