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Topic Replies Activity
Introduction to ConDragon NFT Mining 1 May 12, 2021
Conflux Tethys Network v1.1.4 Upgrade Announcement 1 May 12, 2021
Description of slow cross-chain BSC

Recently due to BSC congestion, when users use ShuttleFlow, the cross-chain speed of BSC/Conflux is very slow. Cross-chain transactions are pending at BSC, please wait patiently ! At present, the staff of BSC has begun…

1 May 12, 2021
Participate in the battle competition and earn Hero NFT 1 May 8, 2021
Announcement regarding the technical investigation and restoration of the "Transaction Congestion" on May 1st. 1 May 7, 2021
Participate in the event and earn NFT+S-level Materials + Runestones 1 May 7, 2021
Sacred - DeFi Privacy 1 May 6, 2021
Flox - Powerful and simple Conflux desktop wallet 2 May 5, 2021
ConHero Ticket Promotion Announcement 1 May 2, 2021
ConHero First Weekly List Settlement Announcement 1 May 2, 2021
ConDragon starts the second stage of the “God of War List”, come to share massive amounts of cMOON 1 May 1, 2021
Fish vs Whale - Break the $1-Wall ! 6 April 30, 2021
ConHero Heroes Journey Series Blind Box Strikes 1 April 30, 2021
ConHero Journey-3 Blind Box Welfare Strikes 1 April 28, 2021
DAO Update: New Token Unlocking Schedule and Early Unlocking Restrictions Implemented for Private Investors 1 April 28, 2021
Voting results for New Address Abbreviation Standard 1 April 27, 2021
ConHero Game Guide 1 April 25, 2021
Conhero update announcement 1 April 26, 2021
Open the "Musashi" auction and participate in the event to earn gifts 1 April 17, 2021
ConHero Treasure Box is coming, open to claim $CFX 1 April 15, 2021
Open box and win CFX 1 April 7, 2021
Conflux's first PK mining game, more than 49K cMOON in the mining pool waiting for you to share 1 April 14, 2021
HeroNFT Blind BOX Stage 5 is coming, join the event to earn limited NFT 1 April 13, 2021
HeroNFT Blind BOX Stage 4 is Coming, join the event to earn Limited NFT 1 April 12, 2021
⚡ ConHero Blind Box Sale - every day at 10 a.m. UTC - don't miss it and earn cMOON!⚡ 1 April 10, 2021
⚡ TREA - the first CFX lottery in the Conflux universe ⚡ 1 April 8, 2021
HeroNFT Blind BOX Stage 3 is Coming, join the event to earn Limited NFT 1 April 11, 2021
Announcement on releasing heronft to moonswap Genesis NFT 1 April 10, 2021
Compensation notice 1 April 9, 2021
Buy ConHero NFT 1 April 9, 2021