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2000 USDT


Conflux 推荐项目主题:

  • 使用 Conflux 作为 Ethereum Layer2 方案。
  • 代币项目如稳定币、跨链 BTC、ETH、托管黄金担保代币。
  • DeFi 和资产乐高,如稳定币、跨链资产、指数、支付渠道、借贷协议、合成资产(衍生品、期权和 swap )、DEXs 和做市商。
  • Metaverse和NFTs,用于游戏、艺术、收藏品、音乐、社区和你的想象力。
  • 其他任何具有创新性和探索性的新想法。



Conflux 官网

Conflux 生态图谱

Conflux 开发者网站

Conflux Shuttleflow 文档:Shuttleflow 是 Conflux 跨链解决方案,用于集成来自比特币和以太坊的用户资产

Conflux DeFi 官网:Conflux 网络通过跨链协议、交易、应用等生态产品助力开放式金融发展

新项目如何高效启动?Conflux 代付机制了解一下。Conflux 的代付机制通过一种赞助机制来补贴用户对智能合约的使用

Conflux 开发资料包


Bounty Challenge

Prize Title

Conflux Bounty Challenge

Prize Bounty

2000 USDT

Challenge Description

Suggested Topics on Conflux Network:

  • Use Conflux as an Ethereum Layer2 solution.
  • Token projects like Stablecoins, Cross-chain BTC, ETH, Gold custodian backed tokens.
  • DeFi and Asset legos, such as stablecoins, cross-chain assets, indices, payment channels, lending and borrowing protocols, synthetic assets (derivatives, options and swaps), DEXs, and market makers.
  • The Metaverse and NFTs, for gaming, art, collectibles, music, communities, and your imagination.
  • Surprise us! Any new ideas that are innovative and explorative.



Conflux official website

Conflux ecosystem

Conflux Developer Site

Conflux Shuttleflow Documentation: Shuttleflow is a cross-chain solution on Conflux to integrate user assets from bitcoin and ethereum

Conflux DeFi: Conflux network promotes the development of open finance through our ecological products including cross-chain protocol, trading and other applications

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