Lecture 3 - Homework & Resources

Homework Lecture 3

1)On which network is this transaction? 0xb97e091e42252571072ae9c605bda16c8f2568cb6a4ff8fd717d384123074b55

2)Find a block with 20 or more transactions and send us the block hash.

3)Try to find a failed transaction. Did the sender retry?

4)Create a wallet, get some CFX through the faucet and send us the corresponding transactions hash.

5)Buy a ticket on and send us the corresponding transaction hash.
5.1)What happens if you lower the gas limit before sending the transaction?
5.2)What happens if you try to buy a second ticket for the same address?

6)Try querying recent ticket purchases. Has there been any?

7)Who is the creator of the Tickets contract?
8)What is the balance of this account? How do you think this account acquired these tokens?

9)Which address holds the most FC tokens?


What is hashing?

Digital Signatures FAQ

Node.js examples

Ticket dapp example

Conflux Portal (wallet)

Conflux Scan (blockchain explorer)

Conflux Studio (IDE)

js-conflux-sdk (Node.js SDK)

General API reference

The Ticket example is based on this starter kit

Conflux Discord channel

Conflux Forum

Conflux 101 Webinar – Learn the ideas behind the Tree-Graph

Conflux Whitepaper

Conflux Technical Presentation

Interactive map of Conflux nodes

Conflux Mining

Conflux Bounty

Conflux Grants

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