Lecture 6 - Homework & Resources

1 Videos

01 - Transaction fee in Bitcoin and Ethereum (21:29)
02 - Gas and gas sponsorship in Conflux (23:26)

total duration: 44:55

2 Resources

ETH Gas Station

Bitcoin’s Underlying Incentives

Zohar et al. Redesigning bitcoin’s fee market. 2019.

Eyal, Sirer. Majority is not Enough: Bitcoin Mining is Vulnerable. 2013.

What is Ethereum Gas?

Conflux Economic Model — Staking & Collateral For Storage On Conflux Network
medium.com/conflux-network/conflux-economic-model-staking- collateral-for-storage-on-conflux-network-cb4c8c150e3

Conflux Network’s Economic Model: Block Reward Components Under the Network’s Mining Incentive Model


Conflux Network Developer Resources

3 Homeworks

1. Answer the following questions in a few sentences using your own words.

1.a) Why does Ethereum price EVM instructions in GAS instead of using ETH directly?
1.b) What is the goal of the gas sponsorship mechanism introduced in Conflux?
1.c) What steps should a developer take so that users of their smart contract do not have to pay for gas?

+1. Gas cost of token transfers [OPTIONAL]

Download lecture-5’s CourseToken project (github.com/Thegaram/cfx-uma-resources/raw/master/cfx-lecture-5.zip) or use your own version.

Send some tokens to a new address. How much were you charged for this transfer? Try to explain why.

How does the fee change if you send some more tokens to the same address again?

+1. Sponsored ticket sale [OPTIONAL]

Download lecture-4’s Tickets project (github.com/Thegaram/cfx-uma-resources/raw/master/cfx-lecture-4-tickets.zip) or use your own version.

Change the contract so that people buying tickets through it do not have to pay any transaction fee.