Final presentation -- requirement (due 2020.12.13)

-Final Project Requirements-
For the Final Project, please email
your CODE’S LINK and SLIDES to before 2020.12.09 11:59AM. You will be presenting through Zoom Presentation Day – 2020.12.13 9 AM-12 PM. Your score will be based on the following 3 parts of work:

  1. Coding: upload your code to GitHub and email the link
  2. Slides: email your slides in **PDF format in the given template found in Wechat group 北斗 UMA.
  3. Presentation: please use the following document as a reference for your presentation (final draft outline)
  4. Although it’s not required, please consider the possibility of project implementation when creating your final project. Projects that can be implemented in reality will have a higher grade than the ones that cannot.
    You Got This!!!
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