Conflux DAO# 0 - Checkpoint 时间(已完成)/The period of Checkpoint(Closed)

投票结果为219.67K FC(77.64%)& 5.551K CFX(75.25%)支持Checkpoint 时间维持不变。
The community voted on maintaining the status quo in regards to the period of checkpoint with 219.67K FCs (77.64%) & 5.551K CFX (75.25%).

Conflux 网络后续将根据投票结果进行网络升级。
The upcoming network upgrade will be exercised according to the vote results

Effect: It is to determine how many latest blocks to be stored in a full node, which will affect the operation cost of each node.

选项:A 维持不变;B 减半;C 加倍
Option: A. Maintain the status quo; B. Halve; C. Double

Conflux网络现在会在内存里维护checkpoint之后的区块元数据,而且full node会在磁盘上存储checkpoint之后的区块里的交易数据,不过如果checkpoint被攻击者revert了会导致严重的安全性问题。而且减少的内存和磁盘开销相对存储世界状态的开销来说小很多。所以缩短区块时间可以略微减少节点运行成本,但是同时会大幅降低安全性。

For blocks after the checkpoint, we will maintain their metadata in memory and will keep their transaction data in disk. If a checkpoint is reverted by attackers, it will cause severe security problem. If we keep less blocks after a checkpoint, the reduced memory/disk cost is small (compared with the cost to maintain the global state), but the system safety will be greatly affected.

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