2619 cfx at large

I’ve transferred coins directly from my cfx wallet in my local browser offline, but I haven’t received them yet. This is how I used to withdraw coins from the trading platform to conflux.

I clicked on binance app, cfx, got the address, and transferred it on the conflux client.
binance cfx address: 0xa4e66ea04b044033159a3c239a588712a315796d
2619 cfx
My address: https://confluxscan.io/address/cfx:aar4p2ukc0y7cpfj633pgcdvhh9a5fneduycg1sz4n

And then three or four months later, the coin is not received, and the cfx wallet is not returned. The instant receiving address is invalid. Isn’t conflux supposed to be unable to perform block confirmation?
Please also help to solve! Thanks! Invested for several years…