Funding Tier: Tier 1

Project Overview
Altostream uses blockchain’s revolutionary tokenized economics to take control of the music industry back from corporate conglomerates and put it back in the hands of the creatives, curators, and listeners.

Project title and description of the project.
Title: Altostream
Project Description: Altostream was designed to let creators maximize the earnings from their work, with no gatekeepers. Now your favorite band will earn more because you have them on repeat.

How will this project be integrated into Conflux?:
Altostream will leverage the authenticated, transparently accounted power of blockchain smart contracts to fairly reward value to Creators, Curators, and the Community on the platform via Conflux Network.

Altostream Blockchain, deployed on Conflux’s Network, contains unique identifiers for contributors, infrastructure providers, app developers, and validators, including listeners, allowing any music content platform to adopt the same usage to properly identify and record contributions made by stakeholders.

Why is your team interested in creating this project?
Because we’re focused on the creator, we’ve designed the system to be cheat-proof, more affordable for listeners, and with higher streaming revenues for artists. It’s music to the ears, literally.

All current music streamer platforms extract value from the Creators (musicians/artists) via exploitative contracts. They supplant Curators (DJs, music journalists) by flexing algorithms to source playlists. Ultimately, this undercuts the formation of music Communities that dynamically interact, co-create, and celebrate their cultural connection. Music streaming platforms evolved to solve the issue of piracy, but now they’ve turned out to be the pirates themselves.

We want Altostream to achieve a balanced system to favor all its contributors and to ensure every decision aligns with all parties’ interests.

Project Details:
The core concept: $ALTO tokens, reward Creators for sharing their music on the platform, Curators for sharing and promoting the Creators’ music, and the Community of music fans for engaging with Creators and Curators.

Altostream’s listener base will:

  1. Pay a standard fee by listening to unlimited streaming of songs.
  2. Their fee gets converted to tokens on Altostream’s backend.
  3. Tokens are proportionally rewarded to Altostream creators and curators.

For example, let’s say the day is July 1st, 2021. Johnny subscribes to Altostream for $7.99 a month to listen to unlimited ad-free streaming. Because Altostream just launched, doesn’t have many users, and doesn’t have many artists yet, it is worth 7999 tokens. At the end of the month, every artist (or playlist curator) he listened to during July will receive an allocation of his total tokens proportional to his engagement with their creative or curatorial value.

Now let’s say it’s a year later, July 1st, 2022. Johnny is still a subscriber at $7.99 for unlimited streaming. However, Altostream is now far more popular, has many users, and many artists. Instead of Johnny’s $7.99 earning him 7999 tokens, it is now only worth 79 tokens. Johnny can still listen to the same amount of unlimited music, and at the end of January, the artists (or playlist curators) still receive a proportional allocation of his total $7.99 worth of tokens… It’s just fewer tokens because the token price has increased 100x. They receive the same total payout value so they are happy and the early token holders are VERY happy because their tokens have appreciated 100x.

As Altostream’s bank of tokens draws down, the scarcity drives the price of each token to increase dramatically until it hits a market equilibrium. When artists want to sell their tokens and cash out they sell them back to Altostream at the current token price. Those tokens go back into the Altostream market for sale.

Community members will be incentivized to become Curators or even Creators in their own right, and could potentially be paid by Curators or Creators in $ALTO to engage in promotional activity. The $ALTO token creates an entire musical economic platform where the only limit to the Community’s generativity is imagination.

Any mockup designs of user-facing components.
User Login

User Dashboard/Music Player

Song View/Player Mode

Artist/Content Provider Dashboard

Wallet Page

Security Page

To Access the Wallet, visit
To Access Artist Service:

Overview of the technology stack being used, including API specifications, and documentation of core components.

We have Designed Altostream in a Robust and Dynamic Way of Engineering with Scalability in Mind.

Altostream Blockchain Service:
Token and Reward Algorithm smart-contract is written in Solidity and deployed on Conflux Network.

Altostream Maintains a high level of System Architecture built using Microservices.
User Service: React, Nodejs, and MongoDB
Wallet Service: React, Nodejs, Shuttle Flow, and Conflux SDK
Artist Service: React, Nodejs, Shuttle Flow, and Conflux
Mobile Application: Flutter
Other Services: ACR Cloud (Audio Fingerprint and Recognition)
Database Management: SQL and MongoDB

Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?
The streaming music arena is cacophonously crowded - Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Google all offer elite-engineered streaming music services. Startups entering the space will find few customers who haven’t already made their streaming platform choice. Plus, it would be next to impossible to beat these entrenched multi-billion dollar behemoths on customer price value.

Amazon and Google use music as loss-leader content to keep users within their bundled ecosystems - “Listen to Amazon music so we can have you pay attention to buying from Amazon.” Apple and Spotify offer unlimited play and downloads for multiple users for only $14.99 a month. Simply put, streaming startups entering the music market can’t compete head-to-head against unlimited play for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

There is a tremendous opportunity to not only enter the streaming music space but overturn it completely. The iTunes store leveraged new technology - bigger hard drives to hold songs, faster internet for downloads - to usurp the record industry. Spotify gave Apple a taste of its own medicine and disrupted the iTunes store by leveraging high-speed wireless cellular streaming to offer unlimited content. And now, on the cusp of the blockchain revolution, there is an opportunity to disrupt the creative content delivery industry once again. Enter Altostream.

The critical question for Altostream is “Where is the new leverage point in the streaming music industry to disrupt?” The answer is Payments, specifically the rewarding of fair value to the three core Cs of the music industry: Creation, Curation, and Community, and all this will be done using the Conflux Network.

Community members will be incentivized to become Curators or even Creators in their own right, and could potentially be paid by Curators or Creators in $ALTO to engage in promotional activity. The $ALTO token creates an entire musical economic platform where the only limit to the Community’s generativity is imagination.

Emmanuel Alisiobi - Co-founder
Komolafe Olusegun - Co-founder/Engineering Lead(
Paul Taiwo - Frontend Developer (
Akinsuyi Joshua - DevOps/Backend(
Bewaji Kayode - Product Manager(
Gideon Oladimeji - Product Designer(
Brendan Joyce - Advisor(

Legal Registered Name: Altostream Inc

Team’s Github code repositories:

Development Roadmap:
Q4 2020
Status: Completed
Milestone Requirement: Altostream Platform
Underlying Altostream application, storage system, deploy smart-contract to testnet and API.

Q2 2021
Status: Ongoing
Milestone Requirement: Altostream Web
End-user web application, artist services, user service, wallet service, and website launch.

Q3 2021
Status: Completed, testing ongoing
Milestone Requirement: Altostream Developer Tools
Client API’s and SDK’s to allow developers to interface with the platform

Q4 2021
Status: Available of Testflight
Altostream iOS & Android, Pre-Launch
End-user mobile application for listeners, Internal billing system, tidy public repositories, security audit.

Q1 2022
Altostream Full-Launch
OnBoarding listeners and artist

Long Term Vision What is the team’s long-term vision for the project?

  1. Management of Label/Artist Contract via smartcontracts.
  2. Blockchain-Based CDN - A Blockchain-powered Content Delivery Network (CDN) which would help to utilize the collective unused space from the users worldwide by building decentralized applications to create untameable intellectual property records.
  3. Protect legal contracts between artists and record companies with the security of Altostream.

Community Engagement: We would submit posts and articles that would be used to engage members of the Altostream Community, we would also have a live event in which we would showcase the beautiful tech we are building on Conflux.

Delivery Requirements: Altostream Wallet will be available for public testing in new weeks, community members can begin testing the beta app for wallet using this link

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Blockchain project needs Login?

Milestone 1 completed.

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Hi @altostream thanks for the update! Can you please verify delivery of the required functionality of the smart contract?


  1. Test payment across bridge
  2. Users can use token to subscribe
  3. Artists get rewards in ALTO and can withdraw across bridge


We currently have the algorithm handling the payment and subscription off-chain, but the payments are settled via the token smart-contract on the conflux bridge we’ve developed.