Announcement: Usage adjustment Of Ecosystem Fund for the Conflux Sponsorship Mechanism

Conflux Foundation decided to adjust the rules for the usage of Ecosystem Funds for the Sponsorship Mechanism, which will come into effect on January 6th, 2022, as follows:

Permissionless Storage Fee Sponsorship:

Pre-Adjustment Post-Adjustment
10 * 600 cfx 1 * 10 cfx

Permissionless Gas Fee Sponsorship

Pre-Adjustment Post-Adjustment
10 * 1 cfx,upper bound 10 Gdrip 5 * 1 Gdrip, upper bound 500,000 drip (approximately: Gas price = 1, Gas limit no more than 500,000)

The above-listed Permissionless Sponsorships are only available once per smart contract; if the sponsorships are exhausted and /or the project knows it will require more long-term sponsorships by Conflux Foundation, it should follow a case-by-case application (self-service application unavailable). The project party should complete the following two steps and wait for manual review:

  1. Contract verification: Ecosystem projects need to verify the smart contracts on and provide project information as stated in the warning message. Internal contract admin set to zero address. (Note: not the contract management Admin)
  2. Provide the following information to [email protected]:
    Project name:
    Smart Contract Usage:(Storage Fee Sponsorship or Gas Fee Sponsorship)
    Smart Contract Address:
    Project Contact Information:

The application will usually be replied within 7 working days; please note that submitting the application does not mean the payment request has been approved. Please pay attention to our response to the e-mail address left under project contact information in Step 2.