๐ŸŽ‰ Announcing the Contributor POAP DualSpace NFT for Q2 2023 - Now Live! ๐ŸŽ‰

Hello Community!
We are thrilled to announce that the Contributor POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) DualSpace NFT for Q2 2023 is now live and ready to be minted! This unique NFT serves as a badge of honor, recognizing the valuable contributions made by our community members to the Conflux Network documentation.

:star2: Who is Eligible?

The following contributors are eligible to mint the Q2 2023 Contributor POAP DualSpace NFT:

Crowdin Contributors:

  • crowdin-w33d
  • crowdin-cyclee
  • crowdin-jasonyou184
  • crowdin-louisl.eth
  • crowdin-effectchen
  • crowdin-cike

GitHub Contributors:

  • github-Euroanchor
  • github-atharvadeosthale
  • github-wanliqun
  • github-Pana
  • github-0xn1c0
  • github-darwintree

:scroll: How to Mint Your NFT

  1. Visit the DualSpace NFT Frontend
  2. Choose the space/s in which you want to mint the POAP. You can choose Core Space, eSpace, or both (Dual Space).
  3. Input your wallet address OR connect your wallet to automatically fill in the address.
  4. Choose the appropriate authorization method (GitHub or Crowdin).
  5. Mint your DualSpace NFT!

For more details on the contribution process and POAP issuing rules, please refer to our official official documentation.
For questions and comments, please refer to this Github discussion.

How does the DualSpace NFT work?

In short, a Core Space ERC721 contract and an eSpace ERC721 contract are bound and function as if they were a single NFT contract. The NFT owner can specify their Core/eSpace address for the owned NFT as they like.
For example, if youโ€™ve minted NFT with token id 202304010503 in Core Space, then you can set the eSpace token owner to your eSpace address via setEvmOwner method of core contract on Scan. After that, the owner of token 202304010503 in eSpace will be set to the specified address.

Similarly, you can set the core space NFT owner if you own the NFT in eSpace via the setCoreOwner method of core contract. The frontend provides the GUI for the meta transaction construction. Your NFT will appear here if it is owned by your eSpace account.

  • It should be noted that for security considerations, the token is not transferable if dual space owner addresses are both set.
  • You need to reset either side owner so it can become transferable again.

:date: Whatโ€™s Next?

  • The estimated deadline for minting the Q2 NFTs is Sep 29 2023 (Block 192365102)
  • A new batch of POAPs will be available by the end of Q3 2023, with a new whitelist based on that quarterโ€™s contributions.

:medal_military: Special POAPs

In addition to the regular contributor POAPs, we also recognize and reward significant contributions with special POAPs. For more information, check out the Contributing Guidelines.

:loudspeaker: Spread the Word

Share your newly minted NFT on social media and let the world know youโ€™re a proud contributor to the Conflux Network!


Very cool concepts!
-Owner updatable nft
-Dual space elective address binding