Artist residency grant -- Tier 2

project overview

Title – Little astronauts

Every NFT project has the go-to artist/artists that they enjoy whether it be bored ape or any other platform’s go-to NFT.
I am interested in this project because I believe my art could bring a very big interest into collectible art that is tied to the conflux network. I recently found conflux and have absolutely fell in love with the concept. I feel that astronauts fit in with the blazing fast transaction speed of the network.

Project Details

  1. I’ve been a digital artist for 16 years creating everything from 8-bit graphics for retro video games (and new “retro feeling” games) to state-of-the-art streamlined graphics that everyone sees in the newer video games.

  2. currently do not have any mockups but can absolutely provide them upon request.

  3. Mediums. my first medium would be photoshop. it’s my go-to for anything in the digital art spectrum. I would also use Adobe’s suite of graphics rendering software to make my final art which would be almost endless zoom art. (digital graphics that can zoom in on hidden pictures in the original image)


  1. My team basically consists of me and some people who are interested in my art style and would like to learn my creative life cycle. (I spoke to them and they do not wish to be named so as to keep their names “Anonymous”)

  2. Keeping my team “anonymous” (see what I did there?) there are about 25 people on my team. which would like to stray from the typical mainstream NFT art market. and present their art on a more up-and-coming project (would rather go for a web 3.0 than any other project). rather than just simply minting their artwork on the typical platform.


  1. milestones will be completely subject to change. however, deliverables will not.

  2. deliverables will consist of the main project starting from the original 8-bit astronaut. and then maybe after tier 3 all the way to nearly endless zoom art in which the NFT buyer will be able to discover art within art for years (possibly a lifetime) before they discover the entire artwork collectively. however if it is in the interest of the conflux network (maybe POS vote) to not fund this project, I can not bring this to completion without the grant. My artists need funding and support from the network they chose to fully bring their concept to the network. Then that brings me to the final subject, the initial grant. we would need the entire tier 2 grant to make this possible.

  3. as far as blockchain needs from the conflux network we don’t really need much help. I singularly would love to host a basic NFT trading platform backed by the network.

In best regards

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