bCFX-BNB Liquidity Pool offering

Hello everyone,

I am Golden from Gol Finance, which is a Defi protocol ecosystem currently found on BSC. We wanted to start on BSC to provide a great opportunity to be a bridge for Conflux and BSC. We have created a bCFX-BNB liquidity pool that at the time of writing has a value of 1,100% APR. Our core team members are native Conflux users and community members ourselves and we wanted to help bridge the gaps. I have attached some screen shots of the earnings that CFX holders can take advantage of if they are interested in providing liquidity for Gol on BSC. This will eventually assist in the long term when Gol Finance launches on Conflux that we will have ample liquidity for users. We are rewarding users in $GOL token to provide this liquidity which can be used in our upcoming vaults and our eventual NFT soccer game! We would love to have the support of Conflux community and our team is willing to provide other pools of interest in the future.

Please come visit us on our socials:

Website: gol.finance

Telegram: https://t.me/golfinance

Discord: https://discord.gg/mtstZzbBkV