Can't find a way to claim my CFX [CLOSED]

EDIT: I could claim my tokens almost a day later! TY ShuttleFlow!

However, as a tip for the admins, i would ask the website to have better indicators of the process, it is confusing when the gray-text advice to claim looks like it is you that is pending to do something. For something that took almost an entire day, it makes people confused! As i could see, it was not only me.
At least you guys got my trust! :slight_smile:
And also the same to people that enters this website…

Received at:

My ‘bCFX’ was transfered… It now says it needs me to claim, but i can’t find a way…
There is no button, nothing, wherever i click, nothing works…

EDIT (this is the only thing i can seem to see on the website, still, not able to claim):

Ty for the interaction… But i wanted a staff to be clear and technical with me…

import in a new wallet then the claim button comes

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Ty for the tip, however my new wallet don’t have bCFX and when i connect, it don’t shows my operation on the “Cross-Chain Records”. :frowning: