CIP-102: Change PoW mining algorithm

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102 Change PoW mining algorithm Chenxing Li(@ChenxingLi) Draft Spec Breaking 2022-08-05

Simple Summary

Change PoW mining algorithm to Ethash.


Change PoW mining algorithm to Ethash.


Make it easier for Ethereum miners to switch to Conflux.





Backwards Compatibility

This change is spec breaking.

Test Cases




Security Considerations


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Love to hear from all the miners their thoughts on this.


I have read the CIP and allow myself to give U my personal opinion here bc, as U surely know, I have been mining Conflux since February 2021.

I fully understand this questioning bc it can be very tempting to switch Octopus algo to EtHash. :+1:


  • Optimize the hashrate for AMD GPUs because mining under Octopus is not economically viable with these cards.
  • Reduce the power consumption of the rig (bc Octopus consumes slightly more than EtHash).


  • EtHash is not ASIC resistant, it can accelerate the centralization of the hashrate (the decentralization is one of the major marketing points of Conflux Network).
  • The Octopus algo is “the trademark” of the Conflux blockchain, it risks losing its soul.

The motivation of “Make it easier for Ethereum miners to switch to Conflux.” isn’t valid (for NVIDIA GPUs miners), it’s very easy to switch between ETH mining and CFX mining, whether on HiveOS and even easier on Windows. OC settings are almost identical, just increase a little bit the PL due to power consumption.

I build rigs with NVIDIA cards for my customers bc I consider these cards “four-by-four” and most are currently mining ETH. I think we should rather communicate on the fact that the Conflux algo is particularly suitable for NVIDIA GPUs to gain in hashrate… and maybe ask to NVIDIA for a grant since they achieved a record balance sheet thanks to mining in 2021 and since ETH mining will stop… :joy::muscle:


  • Will switching to EtHash reduce TPS?
  • Will this affect the DAG size?

U’ll have understood in my message that I am rather against. :sweat_smile: Personally, I mine Conflux bc I consider it to be a different community, same feeling when I mine RVN under KawPoW. IMHO, Conflux risks losing its “sexy” and “unique” sides… I’m most certainly wrong… or not. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I think it would bring more visibility and appreciation to Conflux. Conflux has huge potential! It is very similar to BSC and ETH network but has not yet gained the attention of the cryptographic world in a wide way.

This change would bring the big miners, and consequently all eyes on Conflux, causing people to discover that Conflux can do everything that the ETH and BSC networks do, at almost zero cost.:exploding_head:

Conflux would definitely enter the top 5 of blockchain networks


I am totally against this update. The conflux came detaching itself from Eth and gained the world. has its own blockchain and a secure network, changing the algorithm just to try to get new miners to join is no guarantee that change will bring such effects.

The coin is in stable positions so when the ETH merge occurs all processing power will be reallocated to various cryptos including conflux.

The most sensible thing is to keep security updates, keep the coin’s purpose than to make risky strategies in an attempt to seek new miners.

If after the merge there is not a big increase in the number of miners the network will still be there to try to conquer its place in the world. If you have this change and it fails, you will end up with the coin and everything it has conquered.

The ton coin, even being mined together with ETH, there was no mass adhesion on its network, even though the coin is well known.


I think this is a welcome update. I’m a miner.

if you want to improve the adhesion of new miners, it would be more interesting to reduce the size of the DAG file and make optimization for ADM boards, without changing the algorithm.

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In my opinion I think it would be better to optimize the current algorithm to have better energy efficiency, and also integrate AMD graphics cards, I think this would improve and attract more mining power to the Conflux blockchain.


The existing algo (Octopus) is state-of-the-art and shouldn’t be traded for any mainstream solution such as Ethash. Admittedly, the algo can be improved at some point in the future but should retain its current sovereignty.

PoW chain and the project as a whole don’t need to be exposed to an inflow of industrial miners with tones of pre-configured ASICs.


No thank you !!! I made the choise on cfx few month ago , realy before the merge besause octupus is asic resistant! Keep octopus as as the uniq cfx Algo !

It’s not a good choise to go etash algo .
Your better improvement will be to work on the more efficiency octupus algo ( like ergo algo ) but not to welcome miners after the merge. They had to do the choise on cfx before the merge :wink:

Thank you


I’m a ambassador and also a miner and personally don’t like the CIP-102 proposal about switching CFX (octopus > ethereum algo “probably ethash”)

Some people may like it but looking at the current asics being produced and the hashrate to wattage it isn’t really helpfull.

Asics turn into paper weights / scrap or can be scraped for chips and metal. But next to that I personally like coins more that support the GPU’s.

It would maybe be a good idea to look into supporting AMD cards next to the Nvidia cards (gtx 16xx - rtx 20xx - rtx 30xx - RTX Axxxx and so on.)

Looking at the current hashrate for some AMD cards it’s kind of weird they are having almost 0 hashrate but on the other end it also looks interesting.

Also another thing that should be looked into is the current dag size growing alot.

How will this be affected “if switching to other algo” and what will be the DAG starting point.
Why I’m mentioning the DAG starting point is because some asics are 4GB/5GB after that point you will only have new asics or modified asics with memory upgrades.


More information is certainly needed and I think @No_One_Is_Innocent got the important points correct. Reiterating just the questions:

-Will switching to EtHash reduce TPS?
-Will this affect the DAG size?

Short Answer: I am confident Conflux is ready and able to take on the risk of switching to ETHash for the perceived benefit of breaking down barriers and getting as many miners on the network as possible.

Long Answer: Assuming the hashing algorithm change has NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS on the Tree Graph consensus or TPS.

I think the hope is more miners come to Conflux, which ultimately drives overall adoption and exposure in the mainstream crypto community. All positives in my eyes.

As previously mentioned by others Octopus is unique to Conflux. I love how Conflux can and will build bespoke for their needs and abandoning something unique for something seemingly losing its main purpose does feel like a step back technologically, although this view may be flawed, ETHash is proven to be viable at massive-scale.

@joseconflu and @Ghost also so made important points about other ways to onboard AMD cards and fight DAG size v. average GPU memory capacity. These approaches seem like a more conservative option to achieve some of the same goals.

In the end I would be happy with either Octopus or ETHash, but making the switch to ETHASH feels like a higher-risk, higher-reward option. The team has invested significantly in and seems confident about the PoS layer as a protective measure against PoW based attack vectors.

There could be a massive network effect if hashrate grows orders of magnitude from current levels and personally I would be fine if my small mining rig becomes less impactful if the network gains adoption and presumably CFX gains value. There is a set output rate after all, so price should respond to a large change in hashrate.


作为矿工,我反对此提案,因为众所周知Ethash算法并不抗ASIC,一旦CIP-102法案通过,那么对于Conflux的生态和矿工都是毁灭性的打击,一方面是抛弃了自家的灵魂算法:Octopus,另外一方面是不在去中心化,而且会导致整个网络更容易被攻击,因为ASIC矿机的算力巨大。所以我们希望驳回此次提案,而是把更多的精力放在优化自家的算法上,比如更好的支持AMD GPU,优化DAG大小等,如果官方和社区执意通过此提案,我相信会有更多的GPU矿工迁移至ERGO上。

As a miner, I oppose this proposal because it is well known that ethash algorithm is not resistant to ASIC. Once the cip-102 bill is passed, it will be a devastating blow to the ecology of conflux and the miners. On the one hand, it abandons its own soul algorithm: octopus. On the other hand, it is not decentralized, and it will make the entire network more vulnerable to attack, because the computing power of ASIC miner is huge. Therefore, we hope to reject this proposal and focus more on optimizing our own algorithm, such as better supporting amd GPU and optimizing DAG size. If the government and the community insist on passing this proposal, I believe more GPU miners will migrate to ergo.



Terrible idea. If we wanted to mine ethhash we would have been mining eth since day 1 and you would have had no base to build from. Changing algorithm would be a giant F u to the little community we have and if you think you can build on top of a base community who now hates you, you’re playing yourself


我认为conflux 目前更应该思考,如何提高价值。如何让token的持有者相信conflux有未来。毕竟已经跌去了%95以上了。并且此项目再中国大陆是否合法。大陆用户是否可以正常参与。如何证明其合法性。如果能证明合法性,那么参与的人必将会大大提高。如果不能合法参与者随时面临被定义淘汰产业的风险,算力也自然越来越少。





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  1. 以太坊挖矿算法被成千上万的矿工和长达7年证明了其可靠性, 能兼容A卡和N卡,让更多矿工能参与进来,功耗也相对树图低,更加成熟可靠

  2. 用户基础大

  3. 当前树图矿工前10名占据了80%的算力,而且币价涨跌对算力影响小,目前算力相对太集中

  4. 能灵活的切换到Ethash,可以证明树图的扩展行和灵活性,能随时势而变,让区块链行业能看到树图敢于改变


扯什么既得利益…如果改ethash能让我获得和eth一样的收益,我举双脚赞成。But i doubt that.

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