CIP-104: Create a new EVM-compatible space with Ethereum state at specific block number

If the ETH ecosystem would be easily available / usable this would be the best Fork out there. Most other Forks are just about remaining in the current state while Conflux Blockchain has a lot more to offer (higher TPS / lower finality time / lower costs / …) than ETH.


If you have big support of ethash mining farms, do it but I doubt of it because there is so many forks already announced. I think the best thing is CIP 102 if you can keep the same TPS and treegraph with ethash or try to improve octopus that it is possible to mine with efficiency with GTX and AMD. If you do this improvement you will have more miners after the merge without asics farm, so you can keep your previous community, the decentralisation. For now it is totally impossible to mine with GTX and AMD, too much consumption for tiny hashrate. You have to think also that price of energy are exploding so to improve your mining community I think you should work on the consumption of the algorithm

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但是观察下来,似乎对市场没啥 热度


Nvidia 3XXX mining prity good octopus but u are right for AMD they not for this algoritham. It will be mistake if they fork, good chance CFX go to zero