CIP-104: Create a new EVM-compatible space with Ethereum state at specific block number

cip title author status type created
104 Create a new EVM-compatible space with Ethereum state at specific block number Ming Wu [email protected] Draft Spec Breaking 2022-08-14

Simple Summary

Create a new EVM-compatible space with Ethereum state at specific block number as the genesis state, e.g., the block just before Ethereum Merge(with POS) taking effect. This can be treated as an Ethereum POW hardfork chain.


Create a new Space on Conflux to state-fork Ethereum.


Ethereum Merge is coming and POW will be abandoned soon. This will largely affect the business environment of ETH miners. Currently, there are some efforts and communities being initiated to hardfork Ethereum with POW. However, the existing Ethereum technology stack is not advanced, and the Ethereum foundation and tech team will definitely not support the further development of those hardfork chains.

Our observation is that the fundamental of a fork is the replication of the ledger state rather than the consensus mechanism, so we innovatively propose a concept of state-fork for Ethereum.

Creating an Ethereum fork chain on Conflux has the following advantages:

  1. Conflux’s virtual space mechanism allows creating a new EVM-compatible blockchain with Conflux consensus technology support.
  2. Conflux’s consensus is based on more advanced TreeGraph technology that significantly outperforms Ethereum without sacrificing decentralization.
  3. Conflux sticks to POW mining and tends to be friendly to ETH miners (see cip-102).
  4. Conflux foundation will continue to develop Conflux technology with new innovations.





Backwards Compatibility

This change is spec breaking.

Test Cases




Security Considerations


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.




From 阿飞

支持 102+104 伍博士还是动了脑筋的 而且最优的方法就是复制式的状态硬分叉,并且把所有的币清空
nft清空 只空投一部分ceth conflux erh pow cethw 这样我用原来的evm私钥直接导入,进去就有cethw的糖果 并且所有基础设施都是从0开始的,aave 从0开始分发,comp makerdao都在












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genius! crazy!

inject more money to marketing. if agreed we must ensure conflux ethereum fork as main contender for ethereum pow fork!!

i have mixed feeling about this:

  • what about core and espace, especially espace. if i m builder i will build on the new ethereum fork space. espace will retrieve lack of attention
  • high risk, if we dont push for more marketing, and not known to ethereum pow supporter, the space will be dead
  • super duper mega reward. imagine if most ethereum pow supporter choose this space as number one ethereum pow

but dont be afraid, take risk. we should be proud because we give added value. the only pow ethereum with tps >3000

i got another question: what is eth in this ethereum fork? does 1 eth = 1 cfx? if yes, currently there is 120m eth in circulation, does this mean suddenly 120m cfx will be minted when ethereum fork born? or foundation will compensate for this? this will be important point, and great value add for ethereum pow marketing. not only we offer 3000 tps but ensure the coin already have value from start


I won’t pretend to know all the aspects involved in this, but it sounds like this gives the world an alternative to Post-merge Ethereum with essentially the same operating performance as Conflux eSpace. Those being fast execution and very low execution costs.

At first it sounds overly optimistic that it will ever be adopted.
That being said it could be huge in a 2049 sense.

I do think that post-merge Ethereum has high regulatory risk from U.S. regulators. This space could enable a monumental change when those regulators cripple the U.S. regulated entities that drive the activity that keeps ETH so popular. At that point, this space could be where decentralized entities and regular users rebuild.

I would be great, but I have several questions:

  1. how many slots will there be on the Conflux blockchain? Because right now we have 2, adding one more is confusing users even more, I think this would be very important to take into account.
  2. With this proposal the amount of CFX will be reduced to the amount of ETH (1ETH=1CFX) total mined until the Merge?

The most important thing about this is to clarify how the proposal would actually look like. So that the community can better give their opinion.

I think it look bad like CIP-102. The project is trying to lose its independence and become another stupid fork of the ether.
How many forks does ether have with a compatible EVM? More than a hundred! How many of them are at least somewhat known? Maybe 2-3.
Users supported the project because of its uniqueness, but someone wants to lose it.

And what will happen to coin holders? I have been holding the position since the start of mining! Just reduce my position running new emission? Or wipe your feet on the holders, as they did with PPI when the holder of positions worth tens of thousands of dollars (POS holders) received a PPI airdrop of 100 dollars? Or issue a new coin in a new environment and abandon the original space? You wrote “Backwards Compatibility - This change is spec breaking.”

I’m against


Do you want to attract users? Raise the price of the coin. It is down 95% from her peak. Involve market makers. Negotiate with early investors. Stop selling fund coins. A stable coin price will attract significantly more users than the next EVM compliant space.

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The team of developers together with the communication team of conflux could do a live on youtube talking better about these proposals. Same model as the ethereum team lives. That would help get attention too.



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If the new EVM compatible space will make the project stronger after Ethereum Merge, of course yes.





Would be interesting to see if the NFTs forked could participate in gaming/metaverse with all the benefits of Conflux, making it an L2 in a way.