Community call to update the "Advance Unlocking Of Investor Tokens"!

As a Conflux community member, enthusiast and investor, I’d like to share my opinion about the recent Advance Unlocking Of Investor Tokens, how it’s not beneficial during the current bull-run for Conflux and can possibly affect Conflux’ ecosystem development in comparison to other competitor protocols!

TL;DR: The pre-unlock of investor tokens should be abandoned for the sake of Conflux Network’s sustainable development! Please leave your comment and opinion below so we can discuss this matter a one community!

What makes all three community verticals (traders, developers, miners) attracted to a protocol in the early stage when the ecosystem is no where close to Ethereums? The protocols native token’s price - $CFX.

Traders don’t like a tokens that has an obvious pricing cap (pre-unlock of investor tokens as written in the WP), if they liked that during a bull-run, they could just buy stablecoins and earn with compound interest. In a bull-run like we are in, where all other protocol tokens have been off the charts, a tokens that cannot grow is not attractive in the crazy crypto-market! What’s my rational of the early investors dumping and not the founders? It’s because the core-team members have their tokens locked as documented here: [Burning of Conflux Ecosystem Funds and Locked Positions of Founder Team - Update #2

Miners, that are securing the security of the networks actually only care about the price, they choose which ever coin is the most lucrative…

Now, if traders and miners aren’t attracted by $CFX, then the ecosystem will not be increasing in terms of community members holding CFX, reducing and limiting the distribution of CFX to more and more people and thus, limiting the true decentralization of the network and people interacting with Web3!

And what do developers want? In short, devs want many people holding CFX, as these people are a large population amongst their primary target audience when kick-starting any product on Conflux Network. No matter how many dApps there are, or how great the protocol technology is, if no one has CFX, then no one can use any dApp the developers build! (The sponsorship mechanism will probably not last forever!)

It’s amazing how Conflux Network developed over the last 3 years, and no doubt, the early investors were able to kick-start this amazing project, but with all existing competitor tokens skyrocketing, the attractiveness of Conflux Network is affected by the investors dumping after the pre-unlocks and limiting $CFX’s development!

With the early investors mostly probably dumping massive amounts of tokens in recent events, and hindering a positive price development in the current bull phase, other networks are just too attractive to for traders, miners, and developers.

Let’s try and put an end to the potential coming advance unlocking of investor tokens by collecting our voices together in this discussion!


Agree with your idea.Good news is that the team has noticed this problem,they are trying to initiate a series of actions to stop the unlocking process.
Wish the MONEY will not beat the TECH!

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Great post! A DAO vote will be going up today to remove the ability of investors to do early unlock

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Community DAO vote: “Adjustments to early token unlocking conditions for private investors”

The Governance vote ended on April 15 with the following results
According to the voting result of Conflux DAO# 6 Adjustments to unlocking conditions for private investors (, 271.583K CFX, which accounts for 96.50%, support that the Foundation should not grant investors’ advance unlocking request in the future and suggest that investors extend the lock-up period.

According to the voting result, the early unlocking articles stated in the Conflux Economic Whitepaper will no longer be valid. And the Foundation and private investors will negotiate on the adjustment of the linearly and monthly rate of unlocking. Negotiation results will not be out until further notice.