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Project Title:ConDragon

Project Description
“ConDragon” is DeFi+NFT+RPG game in the Conflux community. In the game, players can tame dinosaurs, build equipment and capture pets, and can freely enter the market for trading. Even participate in staking to earn dividends from the overall mining pool.Players participating in the game can obtain gameplay and collectible NFT, earn digital currency, experience 3D combat performance, perform lightweight operations, and experience the gameplay of decision-making victory.

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Conflux Wallet Address:cfx:aatznj513uhur2v79x7r8jvb14kg4hgrkyt58fyg1c
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Grant Funding Tier
Grant Status: approved 50k

Grant Status + Recent Updates
ConDragon English version of the game has been developed and will be officially launched on May 28

Milestone Updates, including links for milestone review
Phase 2:
ConDragon Chinese and English translation documents:

Phase 3 and Phase 4:
Game test link:
Phase 5:
ConDragon English version gameplay introduction:
ConDragon “Dragon Stone” Guide
Phase 6:
Official link of the English version:

What the hell, $10,000 to translate a form? Are you graduate from Harvard University? Are you a professional translator? Or did you use a paid translator? Are you a celebrity, or do you need a fee for your appearance?

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Very classic, I just opened excel and this English translation charge $10,000, so amazing!

After all, the project owner also wants to make money. Just eat too ugly!

what kind of development do they need to implement english in this game?

Condragon is a project that I follow. Can you publish information on the daily activity of this project, please? Let’s see how many people are playing it? I heard that 5w$ has been paid, how come there is so much more?

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Noted that some guys point out the form datas that also confused me.
How could a little web-page game with only five roles,several dragons,dozens of monsters cost $10000 to translate?Could you please figure out how manys words the translating work involves ?And,the daily wages you paid to the Translators?
Then let’s turn to phase3,whitch coasts $20000.When you finished phase2,the development work based on chinese version will be very little,it will be automatic constructed.So please make it clear how the funds are used.

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As far as I know, if you would like to publish an English version of your game, translating texts and replacing pictures of UI take the most part.
So there are three questions here:

  1. As others mentioned above about phase 2. There are 26183 Chinese words in the form and the normal compensation standard for translation is 12-15USD per 1000 Chinese words. So in my opinion, the reasonable compensation should be 300-400 USD.
  2. Most part of phase 3 refer to the game upgrade. I don’t think it can be contained in this application. Same as phase 4.
  3. Can you explain the phase 6? Why officially launching results to budget? We want more details.

I was to coward to point that out , but since everybody is questioning … According to the doc , I see this project is going to republish on EOS chain , and issue coin DMC ,plus , the game has already has a English version on website , so why should conflux chain pay more CFX , for what?

Hi Gary, thanks for submitting ConDragon’s milestones for review! Our review committee has flagged some translations issues that need to be fixed before we can approve the second milestone:

  1. There are grammar errors in most of the translations that are a phrase or sentence more than a few words. For example: Eg. Row 3: “Please select the login method you use” should be “Please select your login method”. Row 6: “Please select the appropriate node, the node with too high delay may cause the loss of game data” should be “Please select the appropriate node, nodes with too much delay may cause the loss of game data”
  2. There are syntax errors in all translations with “”. These should be replaced with phrases with proper English syntax and no special symbols (i.e “”), as they are in mandarin. For example, in Row 16 “red_get_success” (in mandarin is 分红领取成功) should be changed to “Dividends received”

Please revisit these translations and make sure that the grammar and syntax are correct. The quality at this time is not up to standards for an English-speaking audience.

Also, what is missing is an understanding of any dialogue flows and how the translations are used within a game. Please update to include information on how these translations are used in the game.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

I think conflux’s incentive program is so friendly to some developers that it’s unfair for them to think they can get paid more than a few times for even a little bit of what they do.

We never want to deny the contribution of the eco-developers who have brought us many highly playable and even extra profitable eco’s, but just from the fee of this application, it doesn’t match the actual contribution made. It will eventually lead to a continued drop in the cfx’s price if he sells it right away.

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