Conflux Academy. Learn2earn, Blockchain Knowledge Base and Education Programs.

Project Title

Conflux Academy - Conflux Community Knowledge Base and Education Platform. - Localisation Russian, China, English. - Funding Tier3

Project Introduction
World of Blockchain and Decentralisation it’s new for main part of world wide community. But much more new people turn their attention and involve in crypto and all of them search information. Dex, DeFi, TVL, Hodl, …. On all that words they have only one question: what is that?
As we all know, Conflux Network is a high tech project, with huge unique development part. Also, as we all known, for now at crypto space time, when community starts to create and apply standards.
Based on that, Conflux Academy it’s important and necessary part of Conflux Ecosystem and Metaverse.
Conflux Academy- it’s not a simple web source, in long term vision Conflux Academy would be is a whole complex. Where is a knowledge base, it is a library of many topics. Both general, describing the basics and fundamental principles of blockchain technology and the crypto community, a glossary, and directly describing the technology and the CFX ecosystem. (as an example, the article mentions NFT - there should be a link to an explanatory article about NFT, a link not to a third-party resource, but to another section of the Academy).
Plus, this is the basis for training ambassadors and the beginning of developing programming based on Conflux;
Plus, this is a platform for manufacturers of quality content.
how it comes about and is the foundation of all communities. A quality educated asset.
Standardization and normalization of documentation, definitions, explanations.
Quick search + quick access = time saving.
Content creators are not the only ones who write articles. It’s the same with media content creators.
The academy should become a place where communities come together.
Creative and active community; as we say here
Conflux Community without barriers
On the basis of the academy, you can find real examples of the application and use of detection technologies in real everyday life:
All verified and verified materials are signed with a signature and have a label in the CFX blockchain;
Implement NFT, how to get tickets for private courses, as source identification avatars, as media content markers in articles;
Move the storage to a decentralized one;
Implement based on the Learn2earn database;

Project Lead:
8 year own experience in Crypto and Blockchain Technology. All others you are well known :slight_smile:
Web Dev:
Web3 and mobile Dev:
Content Writers and translators:
Media content creator: needs to be hired 2 creators;

Funding Tier
It’s a huge work, but first request include at main servers, recruiting fees, domain, hosting and website building + fees for architecture and full fill starting of knowledge base.
For Phase1 : 30k$
After Funding required more deeper suggestion with Team coz it’s a strategic non profit project.

Project information
Nearly two years after the launch of the Conflux mainnet, we still don’t have:

  1. single clear standardization;
  2. a single base of general knowledge;
  3. there are no kitchen tests and useful materials for participants in ambassador programs;
  4. There are no local and general training courses for programmers (those that are outdated, they are more than a year old);
  5. There is no unified structure of instructions;
  6. Coverage of the main aspects and methods of detecting technologies and the crypto community;
  7. Missing glossary;
    Definitions and their meanings are often repeated.
    **Audience:**on phase1 we planned to launch as a Testnet phase Academy for Russian Conflux Community. After Grow up to worldwide. @Alex and others CMs can join at any time to Academy.
    Creating your own structured knowledge base, standardization, scientific and educational content, this is only a small part due to the fact that it is necessary to implement both large and decentralized ecosystems. Here is just a small list of the most popular Academies in the community:
Community overview
For now Conflux Russian Community it’s a more than 5k members. With own Telegram Announcement Channel, Telegram Chat, Meduim, Forum, Twitter.

Since middle of 2021 year, Russian Summary Hashrate on Bitcoin Network up to 3-rd place in the world. And continue to grow.
On January of 2022 year. “TOP-5 Cryptomining Countries” by CCAF(look on screenshot) reported that 11% of worldwide hashrate belong to Russian miners(3rd place in the world);
According to BitRiver report, here is about 300000 miners in Russia
Russian miners mined BTC equal 1.5 billions $ per year and altcoins ~ 2.5 billions $ per year.

For any type of business, important to make much more user friendly their products, for cryptoprojects, much more important to represent information about project and provide community support on high level. In that case localisation of official resources and translated on native language developers , tech documentation, instructions, tutorials, articles help a lot for solve Lang barrier problem and involve much more ppl in Conflux community, increase support and interest from crypto community side. Also it’s a good basement for launching local education programs and developers , community iniciatives

Monetisation part
Same type of projects usually support by Ecosysytem funds and provide programs and learn2earn iniciatives with native tokens of ecosystems they are belong to.
But if Conflux Grants Committee decide that same type of project required own token for we ready to launch it and descirbe here tokenomic model.
Usually it’s non profit, community and science oriented projects.
Growth Proposal
As far as Conflux positioned as blockchain open public project, as long main part of project is community and level of knowledge crypto community must grow.
Experienced Community members and Team members also needs to think about what they will leave behind.
Very important part it’s to protect new members and next generation from unclear definitions and incorrect information. Crypto and blockchain space give all of us chance to meet each other and bring to world something really useful.
In our hands today future.
Correct knowledge and good education its a main part in mass adoption of decentralisation.
For Conflux Ecosystem and for any other Academy and knowledge base, clear understanding documents. Using one apply standards and definitions it’s like a business card. For now Conflux docs have problem with using not standardisation documents. Conflux Global Ambassadors have not needs knowledge level and understanding of Blockchain. Community members waste time on searching tutorials and instructions ( much more actual for local communities). All that problems we can solve via Conflux Academy launch.
We are propose to start from Conflux Russian Academy for testing period and grow it to global share in next 6 months.
Academy Structure
Conflux Academy required to have Academy Comittee.Content writer, editors and volunteers.
All articles must be approved before sharing via Academy Comiittee.
Academy Comittee include local committees and it’s a All candidates must have PoT(Proof of Time) and PoK(Proof of Knowledge) as cryptocommunity members and in blockchain technology.
Content approve
All database would be approved via Conflux Signatures and timestamps in CFX Blockchain.
Data Storage
For data storage at start would be used
centralise servers after all would be replace to IPFS( when Conflux Released own Decentralize Storage solution).
Road map:
Phase1 : Launch Conflux Academy website;
2. Full fill Knowledge base with all instructions about CFX on Russian;
3. Up and full fill Conflux Crypto Glossary;
4. Update content quality;
5. Hired too media content creator;
6. Launch Telegram and Dicrord : Conflux Russian Ann Channels;
Timeline: 3 months;
Budget: 30k$
1 Presuggest Academy Growth with
others local communities;
2. Vote for Academy Comittee. In Comittee members must be one from each local Conflux community; (China community include. @Observer.cfx );
3. Start create local and main education programs and strategy.
4. Suggest and launch tests for ambassadors;
5. Prepare online education courses;
6. Start quizzes on regular base, and learn2earn iniciatives;
7. Launch content creator motivation program;
Timeline: 5 months
Budget: needs to be suggest , minimal 50k$

  1. Launch mobile App with Wallet connect;

  2. Launch Social Twitter, VK, WeChat, etc Academy Social pages and accounts;

  3. Update website interface and up quality of content;

  4. Prepare and launch own scholarship program for GameFi projects;

  5. Add as basic method of verification Conflux Signature use for all content;

  6. Add timestamps for content in Conflux Blockchain;

  7. Add NFT usage;

  8. Starting to suggest strategic partnership with others Ecosystem Academy arms. With aiming create Blockchain Education Alliance;

  9. Launch Local education program;

  10. Launch education courses with certification;

  11. Prepare to reseat on Decentralise Storage usage.
    Timeline:6 months;
    Budget: minimal 100k$ (but needs to be suggested)

          📚Thanks Conflux FAM📚

Thanks @Mitrandir for your application! Please follow the Growth Grants Application Template: GROWTH GRANTS APPLICATION TEMPLATE


Hi @Geoff. Thanks for your interest to our application. And fast reaction. Template updated.


Awesome approach! Education and more Application layer information, documentation is the key to #BUIDL stronger ecosystem as well as gather more expertise.


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Same as here. About Conflux Academy


Very important proposal. Great idea. When we can start our education and learn2earn experience?


I like this idea and could make onboarding new people a cleaner process. Help OG’s as well.


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