Conflux Arabic Hub

Project Title: Conflux Arabic Hub

Project Description: Create a hub for Arabic users to get them informed about the Ecosystem of Conflux and keep them updated on the latest news related to the project.

Link to Website and social media channels:

Conflux Wallet Address: 0x1a4128f2a2968fc8814b4d028f4d0d966b230acf

Grant Budget 4000$ paid in CFX

Milestones and Key Deliverables (Please include the milestone schedule from your award letter):
The 2 videos:
The Twitter thread:

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The original proposal was to be found here:

For some reasons I cant access it anymore as it says: it is private.

Here is a link to our very active and engaged community Telegram group:

Thank you @Walid-Cryptopedia for your hard work. We’re excited for the growth of the Arabic community.

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