Conflux Community Twitter

Funding Tier:
• Tier 1, 1.5k-2k

Project Overview:
• Name: Conflux Community Twitter

How will this project be integrated into Conflux?
• This project will be an integrated information source of Conflux facing towards community audience. The purpose of this Twitter is an aggregator of all news and updates of Conflux from a community standpoint and blockchain knowledge and news.

Why is your team interested in creating this project?
• As conflux community members, we realized there is not a channel to release Conflux-related news and updates in a community perspective, similar to the and Solana news.
• Through the grants program, we aim to increase the number of followers of this account to over 5000 at least to expand Conflux’s name and awareness and empower the ecosystem.

Project Details:
High-level technical approach, product flow & architecture (along with a diagram)

  • Since it’ a Twitter account, we do not have a high-level approach, so under this section, we will provide the Twitter campaign plan that we want to apply for.


Any mockup designs of user-facing components.
Here is the Twitter account that we’ve been running for about 2 months:

Overview of the technology stack being used, including API specifications, and documentation of core components.
• N/A

Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?
• This project will help engage the Conflux community, providing an unofficial channel for Conflux to communicate directly with the community members, and deliver the messages that might not be appropriate to be delivered through the official channel
• Moreover, this channel could help spread conflux’s awareness from a community perspective, engage more people to discuss a variety of topics including but not limited to Conflux.
• Once the awareness increases, Conflux’s advantages could be spread more easily, and therefore we can attract not only more users but also more projects to deploy on Conflux and empower the ecosystem.

Team members: Vicky, Kerri, Qian
Team members/emails/social media handles/Github.
• N/A
Provide the name and registered address of the legal entity that will be delivering the project.
• N/A
Team’s relevant experience.
• We’ve been running this Twitter account for over 2 months, with 45 followers and about a 2% engagement rate.
Team’s Github code repositories
• N/A

Development Roadmap: This section will appear in the grants contract, and will be used to verify that milestones have been reached in order to release grant payments. Please include the following:
Breakdown of the development roadmap into a number of milestones, with each milestone including:
• Reach 1000 followers over the next month
• Reach 3000 followers in 3 months
• Reach 5000 followers by the end of January 2022.
Specification of the software or deliverable (will be used to confirm milestones have been reached).
• N/A
Requested funding, milestone duration, and the number of full-time employees on each milestone.
• Requested Funding: $1680
• Milestone Duration:
1000 followers: Sept - Oct, 1 month
3000 followers: Oct- December, 2 month
5000 followers: January, 1 month

The number of days, and cost per day.
• 120 - 150 days
• $100-$150 per week
• $14-$21 per day

Total estimated duration and cost of the whole project.
• 4 months
• 1500k -2000k

Long Term Vision What is the team’s long-term vision for the project?
• To build a news aggregator of Conflux like the and solana news.
• Increase conflux awareness through community spread information.
• Improve conflux ecosystem by spreading advantages of Conflux, attract more projects to deploy on Conflux.

Community Engagement: We ask that you publish an article or tutorial to be shared with your community outlining your work as part of the grant.

Conflux twitter is currently not popular and a campaign would be cool but I have my reservation in terms of running something like this.
1, You could end up buying a bunch of fake/bot followers and not have that organic growth
2, How sure or what is the metric to know you will get the numbers of follows as you stated in the milestone.
3, “We’ve been running this Twitter account for over 2 months, with 45 followers and about a 2% engagement rate.”
But you will be able to get 1000 followers in one month.

It will be cool to also get more info about the people behind this than just names without a link to a social or github profile.

I have the same concerns as @flarcos .

Generally I’m not sure how you plan on attaining this level of growth based on your current amount of followers unless you buy them (bots or zombies) or use the money for a real marketing team (which I’m not sure would make this a valid use of grant money).
I don’t really see any team information it seems kind of anonymous.

How are you going to be able to track real organic growth?

I really see the grant process as a way to promote development but i dont see any of that in this grant.