Conflux eSpace Kit

eSpace: introduce a new fully EVM-compatible space. The new space is called eSpace, and the current space is called Conflux Core. The eSpace follows the same rule as EVM and supports eth rpc like eth_getBalance, so the tools from Ethereum economics can be used on Conflux directly.

CIP-90, a new fully EVM-compatible space:

Conflux Developer - eSpace:

Conflux eSpace Guide:

Overview of Core and eSpace Addresses:

The CrossSpaceCall Internal Contract:

Conflux EVM Bridge:

Compatibility with the Web3 JSON-RPC Protocol:

CFX CrossSpace between two Spaces:
CFX Cross-chain operation between Conflux Core and Conflux eSpace on contract layer has been implemented, there will be some tools provided in the future. (Users should have CFX in Conflux Core and use Fluent wallet)

Tutorial of CFX CrossSpace operation between two Spaces: Coming soon