Conflux-fans/pos-pool supports Conflux Governance

Conflux-fans/pos-pool supports Conflux Governance

In Conflux v2.0 (February 2021), a significant milestone was achieved with the introduction of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism through CIP-43, which make Conflux’s consensus mechanism transition from a singular Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanism to a hybrid PoW + PoS mechanism. POS nodes is to provide final confirmation for the blocks generated by PoW nodes, thereby enhancing the security of Conflux Network.

conflux-fans/pos-pool is an open-source PoS mining pool project designed to offer users a simple and user-friendly PoS staking service. Users can utilize it to engage in PoS node voting and receive rewards from PoS nodes. Several pools have already been established upon it and thus, supporting the decentralization of Conflux Network.

To further drive the development of PoS mining pools and Conflux Governance, conflux-fans/pos-pool introduced an approach for participating in the official Conflux Governance through version v1.3. While earning rewards through PoS staking, users can participate in the official Conflux Governance voting process as well!

Compared to directly staking CFX on Confluxhub and participating in Governance, users can receive additional PoS rewards through conflux-fans/pos-pool, lowering Conflux’ Governance Participation threshold.

For information regarding v1.3 and update procedures, please refer to v1.3.0.

These pools already upgraded to v1.3:

  1. phx v1
  2. Consensus pool
  3. ABC pool
  4. HydraSF

Users participating in PoS staking within core-space of these four pools can now lock their assets on Confluxhub Governance to obtain Conflux Governance voting rights. This allows users to vote on Conflux Network’s public governance.

Can CFX staked in eSpace participate in Conflux Governance?

Not supported now! Only CFX staked in the core-space is eligible to participate in Conflux Governance.

How to Participate in Conflux Governance?

Participation involves two steps:

  1. Switch to the core-space and stake CFX in v1.3 pools.
  2. Lock and vote on Confluxhub Governance.

Is the LSD protocol (e.g Nucelon and PHX v2) currently supported by Conflux Governance?

Not supported now. Need to develop relevant features on their own.