Conflux Metaverse Dex. ConfluxVerse. (Draft, Need discussion and feedbacks)

Conflux Metaverse Dex - CFX only pairs DEX and Launchpad.

Application Introduction
CryptoSpace and blockchain technology evoluate and growth very fast. For 13 years, since BTC Mainnet was launched, crypto grow up from one geek project on GitHub to one of the progressive and perspective economic in the world, blockchain solution for now is a separate independent technology.
And project based on blockchain grow up from nonamed startups to independent Ecosystems. Next level of crypto evolution here is Metaverse.
And for keep Conflux Ecosystem progress actual tomorrow, we need to start build strong fundament of Conflux Metaverse today. One of the main side of Metaverse is own independent internal economic and marketplace. That provide needs quality level of native token liquidity and utility. In that case launching of CFX oriented Dex with Launchpad platform can help a lot.

Definition, abbreviation, acronyms
ConfluxDex, CFXDex, CFXVerse, ( section editable final name would be choosen via open vote)

Purpose of the system

AMM Decentralise Exchange based on Conflux Hydra with Launchpad Platform for CRC tokens only Startups.
Unique solution
CFX is a main index.
CFX rate always stable: 1 CFX = 1 CFX
All CRC tokens swaps to CFX pair.
Launchpad rules needs to be oriented on involving developers in Conflux.

Here is a main idea. I’m propose to start discussion and get feedback about it. After that proporse would be updated.

                   🚀Thanks Conflux FAM🚀

It’s amazing!

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Hi @Mitrandir unfortunately this grant application has not been approved. Though this grant has not been approved I strongly suggest to re-apply with a complete application for your idea. Hope to see you continue to build and deploy on Conflux.

Hi, @Geoff In real it’s a draft. So may be good to replace topic in discussion section?