Conflux Network’s Situation Update(December 13, 2023)

Conflux Network is operating normally. We would like to share some information regarding the current operational status of Conflux Network and its infrastructure.

Conflux Public RPC Service Status

We observed an unusually high volume of requests on the Conflux public RPC nodes, exceeding the designed capacity and causing temporary instability in access. In response, we have expanded the capacity of public RPC nodes, and the services have now returned to normal operation. In the event of a similar situation in the future, before the restoration of public RPC services, you may consider the following solutions:

  • Use private RPC services for a more stable and efficient service experience. ( Providers
  • Set up and run your own blockchain node, directly connecting to the blockchain network.

Conflux eSpace Network Throughput

The throughput designed for the Conflux Network mainnet is 60 million gas per second (approximately equivalent to 3000 CFX transfers per second). The designed throughput for Conflux eSpace is 1/10 of Conflux mainnet, approximately 6 million gas per second (approximately 300 CFX transfers per second). Currently, the gas limit for typical transactions on the chain is around 200,000, equivalent to 9-10 CFX transfers. As shown on Conflux eSpace Scan, the current network TPS is about 25 (over 200 CFX transfers).
If you wish for your transactions to be prioritized, consider adjusting the gas price according to the network environment.

Conflux Core Space Gas Price Explanation

Due to the impact to eSpace’s gas price, we recommend that users of Core Space also increase gas price accordingly to ensure normal transaction execution. We are working to optimize related logic to ensure a seamless experience for Core Space users.
We recommend users to set the gas price for Core Space transactions using the following method: obtain the values of cfx_gasPrice (Core Space) and eth_gasPrice (eSpace) and choose the higher of the two. Then, multiply it by a factor greater than 1 to obtain an appropriate gas price.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]. Thank you for your support and trust in Conflux.

Conflux Team
December 13, 2023

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