Conflux POAP portal (Attendify)

Proof of Attendance Protocol are modern badges or identifiers that authenticate the participatory actions of a person to an event or activity. In traditional times, after the closure of events, some form of badges, identity cards, or certificates are issued to people for their participation in that event. All of these identifiers go well to show the zeal committed by individuals to the success of that event.
With the ATTENDIFY system coming to fore, this proof of attendance brought into the blockchain ecosystem makes it easier to issue certificates or badges to individuals who participate in events such as hackathons, summits and livestreams. For instance, in 2019, the POAP system was used at ETHDenver. This issuance gives a long-lasting memory of peoples’ participation in an event that redefines the dignity of man.
This project allows for easy minting of NFTs from just a click. This form of minting is thereafter confirmable on the Conflux network. The process of minting begins with users identifying the images, videos, or other media content to have on the network. After it has been uploaded to the IPFS which is going to be integrated into the web application, ATTENDIFY allows one click for successful mint.
Objectives and success criteria of the project:

  1. Give events a splendorous limelight that makes people expect more of such.
  2. Makes the attendance of people memorable.
  3. The achievement of longevity of events hosted on-chain.

Emmanuel Chinatuka
Smart Contract Developer / Identity designer
Participated at EthGlobal Hackathon Certification

Adegbite Ademola Kelvin
Frontend, smart contract developer relevant skill:
Participated in EthGlobal Hackathon 2022

Ephraim Chukwu
Frontend, smart contract developer
Participated at BuildQuest EthGlobal

James Efienemokwu
Frontend / Smart contract developer / product designer
Participated at BuildQuest EthGlobal

Yetunde Ige
Smart contract developer / Project manager

Use case model
Building communities requires a kind of recognition of community members, this proof of attendance or participation can serve as a method of recognition.
Attendify POAP tokens can serve as incentives to participants and attendees of various events. In addition, they can be useful in tracking attendance in the case of accountability or future reference. The utility of POAP tokens extends beyond participating in events. Another use case is in payment, receiving incentives and earning rewards within the ATTENDIFY protocol ecosystem.
In a situation where a user attends an event, an ATTENDIFY could be issued to every participant upon attendance. Each user logs in to the web application with their conflux address, the web app registers the address and upon completion of the event or program, a POAP NFT is certified to each participant, thereby registering the attendance on the blockchain User interface, navigational paths and screen mock-ups The User Interface will include a sign in button, which prompts users to connect their wallet. This account persists on the platform, and every event POAP is displayed in the assets section. A history section that displays every event that particular account has attended
ATTENDIFY is designed to solve issues of event attendance and accountability, reward distribution and verifiable records, having a verifiable record stored on the blockchain will help prove which party is correct in their assertion in cases of dispute.
Attendify POAP tokens can be distributed by organisations that run seminars and workshops to their participants. This will motivate learners and encourage them to attend more frequently, thus results in improved retention rates for the company running these events.
By design, ATTENDIFY tokens will be CRC721-compliant, which means they can be easily integrated into any Conflux-based application and also benefit from the low fees.

ATTENDIFY is a digital NFT mementos, minted in celebration of life’s remarkable moments. Each token is a gift from an issuer to collectors as a proof of participation or celebration of a special shared memory. By minting these memories on the blockchain, collectors build a rich tapestry of tokenized experience which unlock a world of possibilities. We aim to build a POAP platform which enables participants to own a proof of participation in such an activity or event.
HIgh level functionality:

  1. To start, an issuer will need a graphic file in PNG or APNG format that doesn’t exceed 200 kilobytes (KB) in size.


  1. The suggested dimensions are 500 x 500 pixels. The shape of the file should be round.


  1. On the website, a button that navigates to a page to fill out the descriptions of the event and POAP, such as what it’s commemorating, event duration, how many “mint links” are needed, etc. The mint links should be equal to however many people attending or will be eligible to claim the POAP. After filling out all the required details, the issuer will receive an email with the POAP edit code and claim codes. The edit code is needed to make changes or updates to your POAP and event.

Non-functional requirement:
The project is divided into two scope; Backend and Frontend.
The backend will be built with smart contracts which contains the app logic utilized in minting CRC721 NFT badges for users .
Essentially, the frontend is the interface a user who is to claim his/her NFT badge interacts with. Technologies utilized for the project
Backend: Smart Contract, MongoDB, Pinanta, Openzeppellin, Conflux internal contracts, Hardhat, Ethers.js
Frontend: React.js, Ethers.js, React-icons, React-toastify

The Attendify POAP web application frontend will be built using React.js and Tailwind CSS, the solidity smart contract will be built using the diamond standard solidity framework (EIP 2535).
Attendify Development / Deliverables roadmap

Second Tier $15,000 - $20,000

Business Model

Milestone & Deliverables:

4 - 8 weeks

Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations
POAP – Proof of Attendance Protocol

This is an existing POAP deployed on Ethereum network:


Hi, thanks for applying for a Conflux Network grant!

A much-needed application in the current scenario of blockchain events. As there is a lot happening and Attendify kind of applications on Conflux would really help the adoption.

Few questions on the proposal:

  1. Can you give a breakdown of the deliverables for the whole period of the grant?
  2. You mentioned that event must be registered with the count of attendees. Is the count fixed? Would an event creator be able to edit it?
  3. Will it be a single owner for each event? Or can multiple owners manage a particular event?
  4. How do you envision the business model for this one. Will the transaction fees get deducted from the participants when an NFT is minted based on the ticket purchase?

Thank you.

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@nelaturuk Hi, thanks for the questions, here are answers to them:

  1. Development / Deliverables Breakdown (pdf)

  2. Yes the count would be fixed and it will be determined by the end date for registration, after the event the poap will be issue to the persons that attended.

3.The ownership of the event will be opened for the initializer of the event.

This direct initializer of the event, originally the owner, has the liberty to create more owners to manage the event. This is the primary reason: when occasions are set by an owner with the aim of singlehandedly handling the manage of the event, it remains so but when the hosts behind the events are more than just a person, then a person can create the Attendify POAP system and then add more persons to manage the running of the system. This is the flexibility we hope to achieve.

  1. Event organizers pay to use the platform and it will cover for the transaction fee of their event attendees who bought event tickets which also indirectly covers for their transaction fee
    Thank you

Hi! Welcome to Conflux!

As we all know, POAP spends lot’s of time and energy on reviewing the application. Do you have a special solution in terms of reviewing mechanism? How do you distinguish between counterfeit POAPs and POAPs with duplicate or uncomfortable images?

Thank you for the answers. They do give a better clarity now.

In the development deliverables, you do mention community adoption. What are your plans for that? Have you done that before with any other projects? Do you have previous experience running a conflux project?

Also, do you plan to make this project open-source, and under what license?


  1. First, on the submission of an event, the image that becomes the POA, and other relating details about the event, these details are scrutinized within the space of 30 seconds to 1 minute. This is to ensure that first, the image meets the requirement of the Attendify POAP and the uncomfortable ones are rejected and afterwards, finally approved. Within the space of creating the POAP, there will be an expiry date when the issuance of the registered POAP will end. The review mechanism will take note of all details provided to ensure that the details meets up with the system’s requirements.

  2. The mechanism for the prevention of counterfeit POAPs is done at the point of minting the POAPs. Our system is enabled to record the holders of the POAP, synced with the number of people that attend the particular event. Therefore to know or identify a counterfeit, one wouldn’t be among the major outlined holders in our web application. There is an image from one of our references that demonstrates this aspect of authenticity of a POAP.

  3. For all images to be used as POA, we are looking to integrate Computer Vision to scrutinize it


  1. Yes for the community adoptions, we will hire community managers who understand and coordinates a community in other to know what they need while getting them to use the platform, we will also reach out to blockchain event organisers and partner with them to use the platform for attendance incentive.

This is just a tip on how we will grow the project adoption.

  1. We’ve individually had experiences in growing a community towards the adoption of a system and this will be our first experience in running a conflux project.

  2. Our system will be open source in other to allow other developers to contribute to the system and if it meets the purpose of creating system, it will be integrated.

  3. We will be making use of the MIT licence.

  1. In my experience with POAPs, I don’t think the count should be fixed, since you often don’t know in advance how many people will attend.

  2. At what point are the tokens minted? When I create an event or when I distribute the POAPs? Since you mention mint links, it sounds like the users mint themselves (with a permit), in which case the user will pay transaction fees for themselves.

  3. Will you host the NFT metadata on Pinata?


  1. The counts will be known once the duration for registration ends.

  2. Tokens will be minted when the event organisers distribute the POAPs after the events are over and Yes, they will get a permit to mint and pay the transaction fee.

  3. The incentives(token) metadata will be hosted on pinata

It looks like a good project and a good team. We still need to figure out a precise list of milestones and deliverables, but for now I approve this application. (You need 3 approvals before your grant can move on to the next phase.)

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Thank you Garam for your approval
The list of deliverables and milestones can be found in this file

Please do well to go through and let me know if you require more information
Thank you.

Hello @Nuelgeek Thanks for applying. I also approve this application


Thank you for your Approval Nico

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Hi there, just some suggestions for this project

  1. Give the option for NFTs to be non-transferable (decided by the event organizer) in the contract
  2. For the period which minting can occur, allow the owner to specify the block timestamp range
  3. For contract design sake, maybe have one factory contract the event organizers can deploy. Within that factory contract, for each event they have they can deploy an NFT POAP for that event. Ex. Maybe you want one contract for ETHDenver events, and you can deploy POAPs within that factory contract for ETHDenver 2022, ETHDenver 2021, Etc.
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Thank you very much for these suggestions. We will consider them in our system’s architecture and codes.

Kind regards

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Hi @Nuelgeek!

Thank you for answering all the questions that other have previously asked. Judging from the project description and presentation you gave us, I am convinced that Attendify will be a great project to build on Conflux. I approve this application.

Looking forward to having you guys build this product as you envision it.



Dear Miguel,

Thank you for your approval.

My team and I are delighted, and we look forward to showing you and the community at large what we are building.


Hello Peter,
My team and I are glad to inform you that we have 3 approvals now.
What next step should we take?

Hey @Nuelgeek congrats on your grant approval! @miguel will be the lead on your grant and will follow up over email with next steps shortly :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback
We will be expecting the email.

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