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Conflux Telegram Wallet

Conflux Telegram Wallet
Support - eSpace and Core
Social: Telegram

Application Introduction:

In present time, we cannot image own life without internet and our communication without social networks and messengers in our mobile devices. And Telegram is one of the most perspective and progressive messenger in the world. For now Telegram is much more than simple messenger, it’s a worldwide community, place for business and rest, information/ news portal and place where active more and more cryptocommunity members around the globe. On Telegram represents all TOP crypto companies and many cryptocommunity are created and rise here. Telegram infrastructure importance and its importance in spreading popularity of projects via Telegram channels & chats is very high.
If we looks more widely we easy can say that in near future Telegram come a full ecosystem that would be cover all mains segments of our life’s and come a platform where anyone can be open own web3 business , (internet stores, exchanges, news channels, on same time we see that each day telegram hit new active users and oficial chats channel accounts of global companies , even gov structures).
So, in that case compability of Conflux and Telegram infrastructures, not less important as compability with Polygon or any others ecosystems or cryptospaces.
Note, that Telegram already announce plan for adding webApp support.
Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations:
Conflux Telegram Wallet, Conflux Tg Wallet
Purpose of the system:
Conflux Telegram Wallet create all conditions for increase popularity and activity in Conflux local communities, make more easy and comfortable involving new members (via built in tipping feature and community activity, same as airdrops, squiz, learn2earn, bounty campaigns management support), connect telegram users to Conflux DeFi world(NFT support), give them way for get own experience of cryptocurrency operations, using their Telegram accounts, increase usage of Conflux blockchain, CFX and CRC tokens( tx numbers, number of new active addreses, etc), usage of Fluent Wallet.

Scope of the system:
Conflux Telegram Wallet its a base point to development tools for crossintegration Conflux and Telegram, Discords infrastructures on deeper levels.
Conflux Telegram Wallet use-cases:

  1. Built in Conflux Wallet
    Each Telegram user get Conflux Hydra Address, that autogenerate in private chat with Wallet and associated with Telegram ID. Withdrawal Feature include, import adress feature (optional), support both Core(basic setting Fluent Wallet) and eSpace (optional MetaMask Wallet), Hydra Mainnet and Testnet. Base mode is Conflux Castodial Telegram Wallet.
  2. Tipping Feature
    Telegram users can send, receive onchain transaction via Tip command in Telegram chats. Administrators of Telegram chats can send multi tips, one command send same tips to multiple telegram accounts.
    Tipping feature is a powerful tool for increase community activity, launch and provide community activities. Up quizzes, airdrops, p2e, l2e campaigns, set up experience leverage shedule for telegram community members, etc.
  3. NFT Support
    Mint and claim/send your NFTs in Telegram on Conflux Network.
  4. DeFi tools integration:
  5. CrossSpace swaps;
  6. CrossChain operations;

Project Roadmap
Phase 1
•Build in Conflux Wallet, withdrawal, import address(optional), Castodial Wallet, based on Core Space, Fluent Wallet;
•Tipping Feature: send, receive, multi tips;
•Documents Release
•Update Menu
•Timeline: 20 days
Grant amount: 10000$ or 100000 CFX
Phase 2
•Non custodial Wallet Release;
•Add Support of eSpace;
•Build in CrossSpace Swaps;
•NFT Support;
Timeline: 30 days
Grant amount: 15000$ or 150000 CFX

Totall Budget & Funding Tier
The approximative costs is 100$/hour;
Daily Average: 5 hours;
Phase 1: 100520=10000$;
Phase 2: 100830=15000$;
Total: 25000$ or 250000 CFX
Operational costs:
Servers- 300$ / month;
One purchase on 2 years(24 months): 7200$;
Monthly Tip Faucet Budget: 30000 CFX (~3000$) first three months (10000 CFX/month) after start Phase2, for marketing and community activities.
After 3 months, faucet budgets suggests individuals for each local communities with local CMs and went on community support too.(optional);
Total: 10000$ or 100000 CFX

Summary: 35000$ or 350000 CFX.
Funding Partially: Tier2 only after Phase1 would be complete.

Project Progress
Conflux Telegram Wallet in testmode,

On that moment source code is proprietary. But we ready to open those part that would be needs for integration with Wallet other services;

Project Lead:
Main Developer:

Thank for your time, Conflux FAM🚀