Conflux v2.3.0 Hardfork Upgrade Announcement

This release introduces a new hardfork. All nodes should be upgraded before the epoch number reaches 79050000 (estimated on Sep 07), and CIP-112 will be enabled when epoch number reaches 79050000 (estimated on Sep 07). CIP-107, CIP-118, CIP-119 will be enabled when the block number reaches 188900000 (estimated on Sep 09), and CIP-113 will be enabled when the PoS block number reaches 766200 (estimated on Sep 09).

Incompatible Changes

RPC Changes

  • Change RPC names cfx_getTransactionsByEpoch and cfx_getTransactionsByBlock to debug_getTransactionsByEpoch and debug_getTransactionsByBlock respectively to be consistent with the debug namespace.
  • Use hex format for pos RPC data.
  • Add RPC pos_getLedgerInfoByBlockNumber and pos_getLedgerInfoByEpochAndRound to get PoS ledger infos.
  • Add debug_getEpochReceiptProofByTransaction to get epoch receipt proof.
  • Add include_eth_recepits option (default to false) for cfx_getEpochReceipts.
  • Fix the hex encoding of PoS keys and signatures in pos RPCs.
  • Return both compressed and uncompressed BLS public keys in PoS ledger info.


  • Fix a performance issue that some requests never expire.
  • Add metrics for filter and pubsub API.
  • Refactor the EVM code to improve readability.

To node operators and miners:

  • If you upgrade your node before Epoch Number reaches 79050000 (around Sep.9th, 2023). Replace conflux.exe with the new one in Conflux v2.3.0, then restart the fullnode. Download link:

  • If you upgrade your node after Epoch Number reaches 79050000 (around Sep.9th, 2023). You need to delete all data and resync from scratch.

  • If you want to start up a new node, you can download the latest Conflux v2.3.0 and run it directly.

What will happen if I do not upgrade the nodes or refuse to upgrade?

If the Conflux node is not upgraded to the latest version, the node will be incompatible with the upgraded Conflux protocol and cannot interact with the latest Conflux mainnet as expected (functions like synchronizing blocks, mining, etc might be disabled).

Thanks for your support!

A sincere thank you to the Conflux community and all the developers in the Conflux ecosystem. Thank you for your hard work, thoughts, and contributions. To a better future!