Conflux v2.4.0-testnet Testnet Hardfork Upgrade Announcement(20240611)

This release introduces a new hardfork. All nodes should be upgraded before the epoch number reaches 175600000 (estimated on June 13). CIPs will be enabled when the block number reaches 226570000 (estimated on June 14), and CIP-136 will be enabled when the PoS block number reaches 1685544 (estimated on June 14).

Incompatible Changes

  • CIP-130: This CIP proposes aligning gas limit with transaction size.
  • CIP-131: This CIP proposes to remove the “clear contract whitelist on contract deletion” feature.
  • CIP-132: This CIP proposes to fix a specific bug related to static context checks.
  • CIP-133: This CIP proposes to improve the block hash query, in Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  • CIP-136: This CIP proposes to increase the PoS lock/unlock/retire periods back to the values before CIP113.
  • CIP-137: This CIP proposes adjusting how transaction fees are distributed under the Conflux CIP-1559 update, aiming to share a portion of the base fee with miners.
  • CIP-141: This CIP proposes to disable subroutine opcodes.
  • CIP-142: This CIP proposes to introduce the transient storage opcodes.
  • CIP-143: This CIP proposes to introduce the MCOPY (0x5e) instruction for efficient memory copy.
  • CIP-144: This CIP proposes to introduce the KZG point evaluation precompiled contract.
  • CIP-145: This CIP proposes to fix receipts upon NotEnoughBalance error.
  • CIP-1559: This CIP proposes to introduce Ethereum’s EIP-1559 fee structure to Conflux while accounting for the unique aspects of the Conflux network.

RPC Improvement

  • Implement Geth style trace RPC for eSpace, including debug_traceTransaction, debug_traceBlockByHash, and debug_traceBlockByNumber. Docs about tracer is in docs/transaction-tracer.
  • Support EIP1559-type eSpace transactions.
  • Implement EIP1559 related RPCs eth_feeHistory and eth_maxPriorityFeePerGas.
  • Support CIP1559-type native transactions.
  • Implement CIP1559 related RPCs cfx_maxPriorityFeePerGas, cfx_feeHistory, and cfx_getFeeBurnt.

Bug Fix

  • Fix a packing pool bug when all the transactions have the same price.


Download “Conflux v2.4.0-testnet” here:

I am a node operator/miner, what do I need to do?

  • If you upgrade your node before the epoch number reaches 175600000 (estimated at June 13), you need to replace conflux.exe with the new one in Conflux v2.4.0-testnet under the run directory, then restart the node. You are advised to upgrade a running node within 2 days.
  • If you upgrade your node after the epoch number reaches 175600000 (estimated at June 13), you need to delete all data and restart the node.
  • If you start a new node, you can download the latest version of Conflux v2.4.0-testnet and run it.

What will happen if I do not upgrade the nodes or refuse to upgrade?

If the Conflux node is not upgraded to the latest version, the node will be incompatible with the upgraded Conflux protocol and cannot interact with the latest Conflux Testnet as expected (functions like synchronizing blocks, mining, etc might be disabled).

Thanks to our community for your support!

A sincere thank you to the Conflux community and all the developers in the Conflux ecosystem. Thank you for your hard work, thoughts, and contributions. To a better future!