Confura v3.0.0 Upgrade Announcement

Confura is an Ethereum Infura equivalent public JSON-RPC service on Conflux network.

This upgrade is mainly to solve the problems below:

RPC Improvements

  • cfx_getLogs and eth_getLogs no longer support the offset/limit parameters. They are inefficient and can be replaced by restricting search conditions such as narrowing down the epoch/block range etc.
  • cfx_getLogs and eth_getLogs no longer limit the maximum gap between from_epoch and to_epoch or from_block and to_block for log filtering. Instead the query is now bounded with some viable query set size, 3s maximum running time and no more than 10,000 result set size.
  • Split log filter for cfx_getLogs and eth_getLogs to lookup data from both db and fullnode if necessary rather than fully proxied to fullnode.
  • Add rate limits for request throttling to improve availability.
  • Add memory cache for some hot RPC methods.