Consensus PoS Pool Exception

Our server has malfunctioned.

The impact is as follows:
a) There is no interest for four days starting on March 18th.
b) No withdrawals can be made until April 4th.
c) You can withdraw your asset during Mar 21 21:50 - Mar 22 21:50, otherwise your token will be restake again after Mar 22 21:50.

Please leave your telegram account so that we can contact you immediately.

Here is my telegram account

We will compensate you for 14 days of interest (3.5 times) based on the current APY. In addition, all pledged users have been upgraded to whitelist users (1 year).

Thank you for your support. 2023/3/18

This exception should be caused by following issue, right now we already upgraded to latest version.

Hi Frank,

I appreciate you reaching out to me and the rest of the fellow ’Confluxians’ on the Consensus Pos validator issue. I understand that malfunctions do occur sometimes and thankfully you are here to fix it. I feel safer now with you looking after us! That is a very generous compensation offer you are giving us… You are a true dedicated champion my friend!!! I trust your dedication to our cause so I have decided that I will continue to stake the amount I was going to withdraw on the Consensus Pos. So I will not withdraw and just leave it in and let it restake again after Mar 22 21:50. Cheers to you and your tremendous efforts!!! Here’s to tremendous success for all Confluxians!!!

Johnny Vegas

Many thanks, we really appreciate your support. We received phone and email alerts immediately when the server encountered a problem. We believe we can avoid it forever because our CFX is valuable now and we have added enough backup servers to guard it.

To thank all of our users, all of our users will not have to pay the performance fee for at least one year. Enjoy CFX and enjoy the future!

gs pos pool announcement on March 20

Mining pool recovery

  1. Mining pool at 21:11 on the evening of the 21st (Beijing time) Block height 159209817 We will cancel the pledge uniformly, and users who have canceled the pledge before can take CFX away
  2. Around 22:11 (Beijing time) on the evening of 22nd, users who wish to withdraw can withdraw (2-hour reserve period). After about 2 hours, we will re-stake the CFX of other users, which will be locked for 13 days.

Mining Pool Compensation
We have prepared 7,500 cfx (cfx:aam230uw0r23af7vyad7sazpwgfxscmp3u6gf4pmej), of which 6,000 cfx will be airdropped directly to pledged users in the next 2 days, and 1,500 cfx will be used to coordinate compensation for users who have canceled their pledge but have not taken it out within two weeks. After the coordination is completed All the remaining cfx will be airdropped to pledge users for the second time.
All users are upgraded to whitelist users with 0 handling fee.

Mining pool operation
We purchased 2 additional spare machines this time, which can guarantee 100% stability. In order to prove our determination, we took out the btc produced by a btc excavator 3NTnddakNdSvGFcgr41UBuwAK71DpZcoRW (the current income is about 0.00035 btc per day) as a guarantee deposit. There will be another failure within the year, and the BTC produced by the excavator will be directly converted into CFX and airdropped to everyone.

Thank you for your support, everyone is welcome to supervise

2023/3/20 7:43 am