Consensus PoS Pool -Inactive!

I unstaked 23000 CFX tokens early this morning March 17. I checked later today for the time I can withdraw and now the site is suddenly Inactive. There is a posting by admin that server is down and no withdrawals are able until April 4. I’m a little concerned about my tokens. Why is the site down?

Sorry for this inconvinent, there is a memory exception happened in yesterday night, we just upgrade our node to latest version to solve it.

You can withdraw it from 3/21 21:50 UTC+8 to 3/22 21:50 UTC+8 ,
do you have telegram, let me inform you there when you can withdraw your CFX.

Thanks for the detailed update Frank! Keep up the great job you’re doing!!! I’m glad to be onboard the best Pos validator node on Conflux! Here’s to our success!!!

Johnny Vegas