Don't take on custom orders that are too difficult for you.

Many of us who are creative receive unusual requests. People believe that since I sew clothing, I can sew anything. And if I had enough time, I may have been able to. However, since I’ve never produced a men’s tailored jacket before (and I haven’t), it’s not a job I’d want to take on as a custom order. Despite this, I frequently find myself tearing my hair out while working on a bespoke order that I had reservations about in the first place.
For a multitude of reasons, customized crafts order aren’t the best time to explore. It takes me a long time if I take the time I need to produce a good outcome.
At the very least, force them to pay half up front. That way, if they mysteriously vanish once the order is done (as some will), you will be at least reimbursed for materials and maybe some time.

It’s difficult to say “no” to a consumer when you’re a small business owner. They say the customer is always right. But it’s also OK to declare, “I just can’t do that.” Do it for the sake of your sanity.

A terrific network of amazing seamstresses that I can refer to when something isn’t my particular competence or cup of tea has made it easier for me. “I don’t believe I’m the right person for this project,” I might say instead of “no,” “but my awesomely amazing friend might be able to assist you out.”

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