Dragon Cult - Inspired by Olympus & Safemoon

Dragon Cult XYZ v1.0
Inspired by Olympus & Safemoon.
Dragon Cult is building XYZ, a wrapped treasury token soft pegged to stable coin with growth mechanism to counter inflation.

Ever growing treasury assets value

When launch?
Alpha testing start 10 March 2023

What to do as ordinary user?
Buy and hold XYZ in your wallet, the value will grow alongside cult treasury

How to join the cult?

  1. Stake 1000 CFX to mint Dragon Cult Membership NFT. Receive back 1000 CFX when you leave the cult.
  2. Offset inflation by actively claim free XYZ token. Amount token limited to (currently 7%) of circulating supply.
  3. Access to member only-treasury swap to trade XYZ without worry about lack of liquidity.
  4. Access to member only-vault to stake Swappi XYZ-USDT LP for high APY
  5. Participate on incoming voting to decide future parameters and utility

Inflation rate of XYZ token
Up to 14% token will be minted annually. Current distribution are:

  • 7% to Dragon Cult Membership NFT holder for free claim (10% in alpha test)
  • 7% to Swappi XYZ-USDT LP vault staker (20% in alpha test)

Growth Mechanism
To increase XYZ price, smart contract will be run to execute functions below:

  • all interest from cult member CFX staking used to buy XYZ in Swappi
  • Bought XYZ will be burned, automatically increase treasury value
  • 3% trade fee in cult-only swap automatically added to treasury
  • all profit from arbitrage opportunity between cult-only- swap and Swappi

Telegram group:

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Alpha testing start 10 March 2023.

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Alpha Testing start Now!

Requirement :writing_hand:

  • conflux espace user
  • have experience to trade using swappi
  • have experience to provide liquidity in swappi

Risk :fire:

  • smart contract still not audited
  • stake 1000 cfx to mint cult nft
  • burn nft to unstake 1000 cfx back
  • burn/unstake take 14/2 days

Reward :trophy:

  • first users
  • access to cult only swap & vault
  • only maximum 100 nft can be minted (on current phase)
  • daily claim 10% (instead of 7%) annualy
  • staking lp 20% (instead of 7%) annualy

Bug report to: [email protected]

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we split the landing page & dashboard. dashboard can be accessed via landing page

landing page at: https://dragoncult.xyz

dashboard at: https://dragoncultxyz.github.io

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Read Dragon Cult Lite Paper :nerd_face::point_down:

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Im the frist one?

What is good strategy to optimize your investment of 1000 USDT and 1000 CFX? Dragon cult may become the answer.



  1. Go to dragoncult and stake 1000 CFX to mint membership NFT. Burn the NFT later to retrieve 1000 CFX back.
  2. Having membership NFT you got access to cult swap. Lock 500 USDT for some amount XYZ.
  3. Use remaining USDT and all XYZ to get XYZ-USDT LP token from swappi
  4. Stake those LP token in cult LP Vault for >200% APY
  5. Claim cult daily reward and vault reward in XYZ
  6. Sell half XYZ for USDT and repeat the step start from 3.

Estimated Results:

  • On XYZ price appreciate, got return > 200% APY
  • On XYZ price depreciate or stable, got return 0-200% APY


  • Not financial advice
  • DYOR
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Dragon cult on progress to transfer the control to its members (nft holders). The first, is to identify each other, so later we can discuss and decide the future. Visit https://dragoncult.xyz and set your avatar/image/profile/photo to your NFT. Recommended for 512x512 image and use twitter or telegram avatar.