Educational Video series for Conflux Network in the Indian Market in collaboration with Finstreet: India's First Crypto Education Platform

Funding Tier:
We are looking for a total grant of $8,800.

Tranch 1: Our request is $4000 upfront.
Tranch 2: Rest $4800 after one tutorial, one review & 3 short videos published on respective platforms.

The track of all the content will be updated regularly for the team in the content calendar (excel sheet), that we will be sharing before starting the campaign.

Project Overview:

  • Project Title & Description
    Educational Video series for Conflux Network in the Indian Market in collaboration with Finstreet: India’s First Crypto Education Platform.

  • How will this project be integrated into Conflux?
    We will create an educational video series educating people about Conflux Network. This video series will educate the Indian Community in a more detailed way about the next-generation Blockchain including Accessible Tooling, Leverage scalability, the integration of Decentralized Protocols and everything happening here, and how Conflux is solving the problems at a large scale. The campaign will present how Conflux Network has brought up the highlights of Blockchain Technology into the crypto ecosystem. We will showcase the tutorials on how to use the platform & complete detailed information about building decentralized applications, built-in staking, and every use cases. This campaign will also engage the new coming developers from the top engineering colleges/universities as well as from the corporate groups in India which will also create a big buzz around the Indian Community as well as all Hindi-speaking nations.

  • Why is your team interested in creating this project?
    Finstreet is India’s First Crypto Education Institute. This platform acts as an easily accessible medium for people to learn about the importance of cryptocurrencies and the different asset classes associated with them.
    Our website:
    We are definitely looking to create a long-term asset for Conflux Network through our campaigns.
    -The content created can be used as helping videos to get through for the users who want to use Conflux Network.
    -Key KPIs to be achieved with the campaign: 5 million+ views on content related to Conflux Network and 10 million+ impressions of the entire campaign.
    -We are also looking to get a huge number of users for Conflux Network.

Project Details:

Key Facts:
-1.2M+ followers altogether
-10 million-plus monthly views on all platforms
-5.4 million impressions per month on YouTube
-Verified profiles on all the short video platforms
-100% organic traffic
-80% month on month growth
-We are the Biggest Crypto niche influencer providing educational content in Hindi and English
-Targeting niche Indian audience

  • Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?
    The campaign will :
    -Educate people about Conflux Network and its use cases with tutorials on the platform.
    -Create better and relevant reach in India and other Hindi-speaking nations.
    -Create Brand awareness among the Indian crypto community.
    -Detailed introduction of the project.
    -Regular coverage on any new product/update launch with the partnership of Conflux Network.
    -Help in creating strong brand recall value among the blockchain and crypto community.
    -Regular updates about Conflux Network to the Indian community.


  • Name of team members, and their roles and responsibilities.:
    We are a team of more than 20 members in 2 different groups.
    Team 1 - Business Development Team
    Team 2 - Content Team

  • Team members/emails/social media handles/Github.:
    Emails -,
    Github -

  • Provide the name and registered address of the legal entity that will be delivering the project.:
    Finstreet having its office at 2nd-floor, Plot no. 57, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160001

  • Team’s relevant experience.:
    Results of our recent collaborations:
    -We were able to garner more than 10 million+ impressions for WazirX in the last 6 months.
    -We are able to get 780+ signups over Huobi Global with our campaign in just 3 months.
    Here are the links:

Along with this, we have partnered with Balancer, Bancor, AAVE, Zcash, Huobi Global, Polygon(Matic), OMG, FTX, Deribit, PlotX, Polymarket & more such projects.

  • Team’s Github code repositories. : NA

Development Roadmap:

  • Specification of the software or deliverable (will be used to confirm milestones have been reached).
    Finstreet is offering the following to kick start its campaign for Conflux Network:
    -3 Product Tutorial Videos showing the growing Protocol Ecosystem through Conflux Network, with explaining all the EVM-compatible environment, cross-chain asset protocol, etc. (each tutorial video published each month, i.e., 13 = 3 months)
    -1 Product Review Video showing all the merits of Conflux Network over other Derivative Trading Platforms (review video published in 2nd month)
    -5 Dedicated news updates (Biweekly basis)
    -Banners for 3 months in all the videos with best use cases (approx in 300+ videos on Finstreet channel)
    -10 short videos each posted on all 4 short video platforms (10
    4 = 40 videos) to create a buzz around Conflux Network (13 or 14 videos published each month).
    -Interview with the people behind Conflux Network.
    -10 webinar series held in technical clubs of top Engineering/Management Colleges with Conflux Network branding to attract developers onto Conflux Network (3 or 4 webinars held each month).

We want to start our campaign by creating a buzz around Conflux Network through short videos on our short video platforms. Then, we will start our YouTube campaign with Product Tutorial videos. Then we have a Product review Video showing all the merits of Decentralized Staking through Conflux Network. Then we will start the webinar campaigns to attract developers from the top engineering colleges/universities of India. Post all these, we will be hosting an interview with the Developer Community behind Conflux Network.

  • Requested funding, milestone duration, and number of full time employees on each milestone.
    Funds from the grant will be used in the following activities-

A) HR cost which includes the following people:
-Video Anchors
-Graphic designers
-Campaign Manager (Content architecture, quarterly reports, ticket resolution)
-Video editors
-Content writers
-Social media managers
-Digital marketers

B) Setup cost
-Studio setup (Camera, Lighting, mic, green screen setup, etc.)
-Infrastructure cost.
-Miscellaneous expenses

Budget: We are looking for a total grant of $8,800.

Tranch 1: Our request is $4000 upfront.
Tranch 2: Rest $4800 after one tutorial, one review & 3 short videos published on respective platforms.

The track of all the content will be updated regularly for the team in the content calendar (excel sheet), that we will be sharing before starting the campaign.

  • Number of days, and cost per day. : NA

  • Total estimated duration and cost of the whole project.: Total estimated duration of this campaign would be 2 months. The cost of the whole project would be $8,800.

Long Term Vision What is the team’s long-term vision for the project?
We would be investing in our resources to create the best quality contents which would become long-term digital assets for Conflux Network. These contents will bring a proper education for Conflux Network particularly, so people who are willing to start investing would know every technical aspect of Conflux Network. They would know how to use Conflux Network properly. This exclusive content for Conflux Network will be in Top positions (for the finalized keywords by our research team) within the next 2-3 months organically as per our previous results.

Community Engagement:
We have our community on popular Indian short video platforms with more than 1.2Million+ following (verified profiles, stats & platforms links in the deck shared)

  1. We have our educational course community (listed on ) on WhatsApp groups (4 groups 1000+ members)

  2. We have our community on weekly e-mail newsletters (4500+ subscribers)

  3. We have our community on Telegram channels ( 2 channels, 3000+ members)

  4. And on YouTube where we are creating 5.8 Million impressions Monthly with around 52,900 subscribers.

Delivery Requirements: NA

Other: Through this whole campaign, we would rank Conflux Network at the top of the YouTube search engine platform with the proper keywords and meta descriptions, we will use some specific keywords into this which will be very similar to Conflux Network & we will keep this content title with a different topic like top crypto blockchain platforms/top crypto derivatives platform. The topics would be decided after doing proper research by the team, we would put these meta keywords in the contents, so people will get to see the educational video series on top by just searching those keywords.


Thanks for posting this. Education is so important! To get a bit meta here, would you see a path from your videos to students applying for Conflux grants themselves? And if so how could that play out?

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Nice! Conflux has always been pushing education,for developing on Conflux users can also develop on the blockchain-agnostic IDE Reach ( In addition, Conflux does have a lot of content that can also be shared with the team for examples :smiley:


Hello @SmoothCB, yeah you’re absolutely right. We have a large and engaging Indian community on our social platforms and since we are a Crypto Education platform, we have a young audience base who are extremely keen to learn and also have that much potential to develop and expand in Blockchain Technologies. We will also conduct a webinar series campaign for Conflux which we will be holding in the top Engineering & Management Universities of India, where we can grasp onto the potential students who are much interested to get started with the Blockchain systems!

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Thank you so much for your suggestion @Christian.
I believe that would be really helpful, ultimately our motive is to spread quality education amongst the right audience with the collaboration of Conflux. :smiley:

Hello Team, I hope you’ve had a chance to look at our Grant Proposal. It won’t be possible without the encouragement and support from everyone. It will be really great if the Conflux team kindly update me on our Grant Proposal. We’re really looking forward to expanding the Conflux community through our follower base of more than 2Million people. Regards.

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Thanks for your application! Community content and education is certainly a major focus of ours.

I have a few questions around your deliverables and milestones. In your proposal you specify the delivery of quite a bit more content than you specified in your payment schedule, which specifies only one tutorial, one review, and 3 short videos.

Can you please clarify? Would be good to see the payment milestones correspond with all the content specified in your roadmap.


Hello @Geoff, Completely agree with you, education is certainly the best way forward for awareness as we are into the early majority phase into crypto adoption and our team is working with a similar mindset on creating educational awareness and getting it to the masses.

We have divided the payment structure into 2 tranches.

Tranches 1: We are requesting payment of $4,000 upfront payment before Milestone 1.

Milestone 1: In this, we will include

  • 1 tutorial video
  • 1 review video
  • 3 webinars
  • 3 short videos on 4 platforms (12 videos total)
  • 2 Dedicated news updates (Biweekly basis)
  • Banners for 1 month in all the videos with best use cases

Tranches 2: Rest $4,800 payment before Milestone 2.

Milestone 2: In this, we will include

  • 2 tutorial videos
  • 7 webinars
  • 7 short videos on 4 platforms (28 videos total)
  • Banners for 2 months in all the videos with best use cases
  • 3 Dedicated news updates (Biweekly basis)
  • Interview with the people behind Conflux Network

In case you need more explanation on any specific deliverable, please feel free to let me know.


Thank you for fully clarifying your milestones.

We are always looking into entering different regions and look forward to working with your community. Best of luck.


Thank you so much @Tristception for your support! We are really looking forward to collaborating with Conflux Network with a long-term vision. Thank you so much :smiley:

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Hello team, We’re really looking forward to Conflux team response! Would love to hear your thoughts or views on this. Just recently, we’ve crossed more than 2.5 Million+ Indian communities, so this will be really a beneficial period for Conflux to grab the huge Indian audience! Looking forward to a long-term association.

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Hi Conflux team! We’ve been really looking forward to hearing your responses. Let us know if you guys have any queries regarding any of the deliverables. We’d be happy to answer them. We’re already growing at a very high pace and this is really high time to grasp the proper audience providing them proper education and attracting potential developers into the Conflux platform. We’re looking forward to your kind revert!

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Hi team,

We’re glad to share our updated numbers around our social channels, our community around crypto education is growing at a very high pace (35% MoM basis)

We have crossed combined 3.5 million+ followers onto our Short video platforms and more than 54.5k followers on YouTube platform.

@SmoothCB, It would be really great if you can guide us through the further procedure.

Team Finstreet

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Hello, i was doing some research and have found you have applied for grants in other ecosystems.

Can you tell me which blockchains your currently working with, and have applied for grants.

What made you choose our blockchain, and what advantage do we give over the other blockchains youve applied for / have gotten approved grants.

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Hello @Tristception

Thank you for your response!

Currently, we’re working with blockchains like Zilliqa, Algorand, Polygon, Zcash, NEM, IOTA, IOST and few more.

We are working with DeFi projects like AAVE, Bancor, Balancer, Synthetix, Secret network & with top exchanges like FTX, Huobi, Bybit, Deribit, Paxful & others…

As you may know, we are totally focused on creating educational awareness, we’re initiating the programmes to spread education amongst the crypto enthusiasts & other youngsters who are into top institutions. We’re bringing the diversification of different use cases around blockchain projects to the most talented young minds and also bridging the gap between the potential like minded developers and different blockchains who need them. We’re helping the potential young minds to get onto the right platform by introducing and explaining the different trailblazing platforms to them.

One of the very great features about Conflux is that we are combining PoW & Tree-Graph to make it achieve high throughput, fast confirmation and liveness assurance. The second one is Conflux network provides significant performance improvements with its processing of parallel blocks in a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure for the faster transaction and to heightened scalability, security, and extensibility for the development of next generation of open commerce, decentralized applications, financial services, and Web 3.0. The third is definitely the ShuttleFlow. Also, the right audience should definitely be aware about the secure passive rewards via the network’s Staking Contract features & low fee. These are some of the unique features and advantages we give and the same we would be covering in a very engaging way to educate the audience for great outcomes around the network.
The other best thing is the team and great computer scientists behind the conflux that actually brings authentication around the network, along with the fact that we are one of the only state-owned public blockchain and it’s a kind of trust factor that we would like to spread the word about & devs should be aware about the great programmability for easy streamlined development.

We’re actually looking forward to showcase and reach the right audience via educational awareness about these unique features around Conflux Network and the eccentric benefits that your network is providing to the crypto community. This actually would bring up the biggest opportunity for the new skilled developers also as we’re building this opportunity for the newer generations, who would take forward this ecosystem to build great products onto our chain.

Let us know if you may have any sort of other queries, We’d be happy to organize an AMA based on the available schedule of the Conflux team.

Best Regards,
Team Finstreet

Thanks for specifying this.

To build off of @Tristception’s questions, it would be great to include some measurable KPIs and performance reports for each milestone. I would recommend that some of the KPIs focus on developers as this a major strategic focus for Conflux.

Do you also provide additional services around building and managing communities?

Hello @Geoff,

We have the vision to build long-term assets in terms of content for Conflux, we definitely look forward to measuring the performance reports for every milestone and on the weekly basis we will be sharing with you. As per our previous results & outcomes, we have the experience to bring great results.

Key KPIs will be achieved with the campaign after

*Milestone 1 is 5 million+ views on content related to Conflux Network and 10 million+ impressions.

*Milestone 2, our key KPIs to be achieved is more than 12 million+ views on content and 25 million+ impressions on the whole campaign. Also, we would be sharing the content calendar with you where you will be able to keep proper track of the whole campaign.

More focused KPIs for Devs, we will be organizing 10 webinars in which we would be connecting approx 175 new developers from each webinar into top technical institutions across India. Our key KPIs to be achieved to connect the developers is around 1,750 new developers around the Conflux Network and connect all of them with your team on discord channel for you to communicate your ideas to select the potential ones.

We can definitely shift the audience to the Conflux Telegram & Discord communities through our educational videos. We can circulate regular updates in the channels. We will be guiding the users to get connected to the Conflux communities assuring the maximum outputs around that.

Please let us know if you have any other queries related to the developer communities. We’d be happy to answer the same.

Team Finstreet

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Hello everyone,

Let us know if you guys have any queries or doubts related to the developer communities or any of the deliverables mentioned above. We’d be happy to answer and discuss them. Looking forward to hearing the team’s response on this.

Team Finstreet

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Hello team,

We hope we were able to clarify all the questions from the Conflux team by now. Please let us know the further procedure of this grant. We’re really looking forward to hearing the team’s response. It would be great if anyone of you guides us to the next steps for the Conflux Grants.

Also, let us know if you have any sort of queries regarding any of the deliverables.

Best Regards,
Team Finstreet

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Hello everyone,

We’re looking forward to hearing from the Conflux team. We’re very keen to know about the team’s thoughts and we’re open to take any suggestions from the team to include as well.

As you may know about a report by Chainalysis, India stands in 2nd position in terms of crypto adoption and we have seen a major growth in the market in terms of enthusiasts and investors. We are very much committed to bringing the results from this campaign with Conflux.

We are also glad to announce that Polygon (Matic) announced us as their official partner for their Hackathons, check it out at -

We’ve been really looking forward to this long-term association with Conflux.
@Tristception, @Geoff, @Christian, @SmoothCB, if anyone from your team can please guide us to the further procedure of our educational awareness campaign with Conflux Network.

Let us know kindly if you have any sort of queries regarding this grant. We’d be happy to discuss it on an AMA as well, based on the team’s schedule we can keep the AMA.

Best Regards,
Team Finstreet

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