eSpace Real Time APIs / Webhooks & Cloud Data Access (AWS, Snowflake) - Technical Grant Application - Bitquery - 1st Tier

We have recently introduced a new platform, which allows access to real-time blockchain data. Please check the doc of new platform here.

We will add some Mining/Staking-related APIs on the base conflux chain.

Additionally, it will also have complete historical data support.

It will enable both historical and real-time.

  • Tokens-related APIs
  • NFT-related APIs
  • DEX-related APIs
  • Transaction, Transfer, Address related APIs
  • Smart Contract calls, events, and raw data-related APIs

Data access can be done through Graphql APIs, Webhooks (Through Graphql subscription), and Cloud (AWS s3 and Snowflake)*.

Purpose of the system
Enabling real-time and historical access to eSpace.

Scope of the system

  • Index eSpace in the new platform
  • Adding mining/staking-related APIs in the existing Conflux base chain dataset.

Objectives and success criteria of the project

  • Enable eSpace Graphql APIs

To measure success, anyone would have access to eSpace APIs.


We already won grants before and indexed the Conflux base chain.


Bitquery Github -


Budget needed for this - $50k in 2 installments

1- $25k before starting the project
2- $25k after completing the project

We will take 30 days for integration.


Currently, there are no ways to pull eSpace blockchain data; therefore, people trying to integrate eSpace into existing applications or build new applications don’t have a decent avenue to access eSpace on-chain data. We will enable access to eSpace and DEXs, NFTs, Tokens, and other data, which will be helpful.


  • Graphql APIs


  • Already used by industry leaders.


  • Once we integrate a chain, we will support it unless it goes stale or unusable.


  • Graphql APIs


Once integrated we will wait for 6 months, so we can get some customers, even after 6 months if we don’t get at least 5 customers we will charge $8k per quarter as maintenance cost or we will have the option to stop supporting the chain.

    • Cloud data access will be enabled when there will be a demand from the customer because it will cost us money to keep data in cloud even if we didn’t have customer.
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Hi, Thank you for your application to Conflux grant. Few questions below:

  1. How are you different from The Graph? Who are your other competitors?
  2. Where is the historical data stored in general?
  3. Can you provide technical architecture details for your application?

Thank you.