Fish vs Whale - Break the $1-Wall !

Fish vs Whale - Break the $1-Wall!

Some whale is selling 4,5 million CFX, and has created a massive wall on Binance at the price of 1USD to limit a positive development of CFX’ pricing and ecosystem as a whole:

Possibilities of who might be behind this:

a) 1 rich CFX holder (Whale)
b) 1 early stage CFX investor (Whale)
c) A couple of early stage CFX investors (Whales)
d) People from another blockchain protocol wanting to limit Conflux’s growth as a competition (New whales)

Regardless of the possibilities, these people have large amounts of CFX and think they are smart to out-profit other community members and/or to damage the ecosystem!

Some have already argued that Conflux might be involved in this, but the team’s tokens are locked and it’s transparent as seen here on Medium, don’t think / hope that the team is stupid enough to create such a sell-order!

Let’s look at the incentives and reasoning on why creating the $1-wall and how make a profit from it:

  1. Limit price growth, scare retail investors, increase sell pressure to accumulate CFX at a price lower than $1
  2. Limit price to scare retail investors, increase sell pressure and open a short position on CFX waiting for the price to dump
  3. Is a complete idiot who doesn’t know how to sell properly for a profit
  4. Emotional (and stupid) decision of whale investor who is not happy about the recent governance vote regarding the change of the investor’s advance unlock rule

Why the $1-Wall needs to be broken?
Below are arguments against the 4 points listed above:

  1. As a decentralized community, it’s not of any CFX hodler’s best interest to make the whale an even bigger whale!
  2. Making the few rich people even richer should be something we as a community should be against. Especially when these profits are only shared with a selected few and harm all other CFX hodlers!
  3. There is no argument against this type of stupidity of any investor! We shall take this opportunity and be happy about being able to accumulate CFX at $1 and below
  4. People who have a large stake and don’t believe in Conflux should leave! The sooner the better!

Regardless of the reason behind the whales creating the wall, we shall rip apart the $1-wall! Such a beefy and delicious sell-order should be capitalized on by the community in a decentralized manner and is a rare phenomenon what we are witnessing together!


Slaughter the whale!!! CFX market cap should be top 10!

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If you can guarantee that these retail investors who respond to your call to eat 1usd pending orders will always be profitable in the future, that is, the price of cfx will always be greater than 1usd, you can post this kind of post every time you find a large-scale pending order. In fact, a better way is to eat the pending order yourself, and then send out the transaction record, so that the whole community will thank you and call you a hero.

I don’t believe that no one in the forum does not know the follow-up of GME. How many retail investors who were cheated into the market and thought that they represented a passion for justice ended up ruining their lives? Why do we need to intervene in the normal rise and fall of the market? Is CFX only allowed to rise but not to fall? It has been said that it will not be unlocked for a few months, so is it forbidden to sell it? Those who want to buy at a low price have no chance?

Finally, just as you need to have a certain amount of CFX in your hand to initiate a DAO proposal, anyone who publishes this kind of “trading advice” post in the future, please post your own transaction records first.


Thank you for sharing this with the community! I love the memes and the community needs to stick together! :muscle:

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Agreed with you. The whale kill many of us on binance listing. Prevent big grow for cfx. And now they are too greed. Thats enough!

The tree map is the propaganda team, the tree picture is the seeder!