Gas fees that a token captain pays

I have a question about estimating the actual fees a token captain will have to pay upon the different shuttleflow actions. After poking around confluxscan and looking at the wallet that holds the USDC captainship, I noticed two things:

  1. The gas fees incurred on shuttle-out are significantly higher than on shuttle-in
  2. The gas fees on new address creation are very high

I’m curious as to why (1) is the case, and for (2) I would like to know if there’s some way to estimate what the costs are – I assume the high cost is due to deploying a new smart contract, but is that a simple multiplier on the cost of a standard transaction, or something more complex?

For example: here is a shuttle-in plus new address transaction from the other day in which the captain collected 100 USDC and paid 0.1034649756 ETH in gas fees. At the time, that represented a loss to the captain of over 100 USD. This is a particularly bad example, but the cost is frequently over 0.06 ETH for these transactions. If someone wants to become the token captain and set those fees, it would be good for them to be able to get a decent guess as to what the costs are so they aren’t losing $50-100 anytime someone shuttles in for the first time!

You’re right, the high gas fees are due to contract creation. There will be an update to ShuttleFlow in the next few days that will have an effect on shuttle-in gas fees.