Ghost Network

Project Overview

Title: Ghost Network

Decentralization is key in any system being built and we have in prevalence across all ecosystem centralized systems which pose a serious threat as we all know that, “If you don’t own the private keys, you don’t own the wallets”. Also with the ongoing trend of exchange owners running off with all the money (Quadriga of Canada) or hack themselves and “cry wolf” (GIGXPAD of Nigeria). I have looked into this carefully and decided the only way to ensure that user’s never lose money or trust in our platform is to make decentralized exchanges easier and better

However it doesn’t stop there, we at WSG intend to create a digital world (Metaverse) that exist within our ecosystem and is powered by our mobile application. This world will utilize a geolocation map that transforms the exact coordinate in real world to our digital world. Our world will be backed with the conflux blockchain for financial and priority transactions. We will have users, create avatars that will embody their personality in our world, these avatars would be dressed and each dress a unique NFT tied to a fashion design brand. We have enlisted the services of popular brands in Nigeria like:

  • MUDI
  • Ash-Luxe
  • Saint Raw

This project will come to fruition and we would like to work with Conflux and their robust chain but with or without we will carry on and this would be revolutionary.

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