Grant Proposal Application - TurboStarter, The First Launchpad for CFX Base on premium ecosystem

1. Funding Tier:

Tier 1 - 3 whole development process: Funding amount requested - $100K

2. Project Overview

2.1 Project title and description of the project.

Project Title: TurboStarter
Project Slogan: Accelerate ideas of tomorrow.
Project Description:

  • TurboStarter is conflux’s first Launchpad built on a premium ecosystem, with features including Stake, Launchpool, IGO, INO, etc.
  • Premium ecosystems (especially tier-2 CEXs) can use TurboStarter to create their own LaunchPad to empower their ecosystem.
  • Conflux’s top projects can benefit from high-quality traffic sources.
  • Users can stake their tokens (CFX, KCS, GT, MX, etc) and receive lottery tickets to qualify for public sales and airdrops for top projects, as well as join our active and growing community and participate in governance.

2.2 How will this project be integrated into Conflux?

  • Product: TurboStarter’s genesis launch will be on the Conflux Network, the product contains Stake, Launchpool, IGO, INO, and other features.

  • Marketing: Find top projects on conflux and help their launch. At the same time, communicate with premium ecosystem( tier 2 cex and other popular projects), build more stake pool, get more users.

  • Specifically, for the first batch of candidates, we will select trending projects to be launched from the conflux ecosystem. And the launch list will be determined through decentralized governance methods (e.g., CFX voting).

  • Simultaneously, we will continue to communicate with tier-2 exchanges such as Kucoin, Gate, MEXC, Hotbit, ZB, Hoo, and others to add traffic and support to TurboStarter.

2.3 Why is your team interested in creating this project?

We want to offer global users a low-risk way to participate in investments. This is critical for venture capital to gain global traction because most retail investors have low risk tolerance and cannot afford to risk a large portion of their money.
Our goal is to improve the quality of life for millions of people while providing a new source of capital for innovation around the world by giving ordinary people the opportunity to safely grow their wealth.

The reason for choosing Conflux Network is that there is no Launchpad on conflux, which is an essential part of the blockchain ecosystem. However, there is a huge demand for launchpads from the Conflux community and Conflux Dapp projects.

3. Project Details:

3.1 High-level technical approach, product flow & architecture (along with a diagram).

a. Ecosystem: Every ecosystem should build its stake pool, and assign the task.
b. Project: Project teams can submit project materials and listing applications to TurboStater, and Conflux community members can vote on the decision using CFX. Once approved, project teams can combine, GameFiPool, NFTPool, and other models to create their own launch plans.
c. Users: First, users can complete tasks or stake tokens to get lottery tickets; then they can participate in sales and airdrops lucky draw with KYC. Finally, the winners will find their allocation on our website after verifying their wallet.

3.2 Any mockup designs of user interfacing components.


The TurboStarter team is working on product design and user interface design. We will upload updated more snapshots later.

3.3 Overview of the technology stack being used, including API specifications, and documentation of core components.

  • Technology Stack
  • ReactJS for frontend
  • Conflux SDK for connecting frontend to blockchain services
  • Solidity for Stake, Lottery, Airdrops, TokenSwap, NFTSwap.
  • ExpressJS for market data

3.4 Ecosystem fit: How can the project benefit Conflux Network’s ecosystem?

  1. By building more stake pools, TurboStarter could attract more premium ecosystems for conflux, empower the conflux network.
  2. Help top projects on conflux to start, at the same time, attract more premium projects deploy on conflux.
  3. Providing low-risk participation frameworks is essential to reach globalretail in conflux.

4. Team:

TurboStarter is proposed by a global-based decentralized autonomous organization. The core members graduated from world-renowned universities (University of Chicago, Tsinghua University, UCLA, etc.), worked for Blackrock, Lyft, Huobi, Meituan and other companies, and have many years of experience in crypto startups. The core team and early contributors prefer to remain anonymous and firmly believe that a decentralized financial world should be initiated by a decentralized organization and further developed and governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

5. Development Roadmap:

5.1 Total Grant Budget

5.2 Milestones

Milestone 1 - Testnet Development (Grant: 50k)
Timeline: 2021-Dec to 2022-Jan
Description: This is a period where we do our testnet testing with our users to get ready for our mainnet launch. The auditing will take some time so as soon as our auditing is finished, then we will launch our mainnet.

  • Technical Deliverables:
    Product and UI/UX Design of All-New Interfaces
    Product and UI/UX reviews & Improvements
    Smart Contract Implementations
    Frontend UI/UX Completion
    Frontend Conflux SDK implementation
    Conflux Testnet Deployment
    Smart Contract Technical Review: The review of the smart contracts will be done, with an auditing report provided.
    Ecosystem Testing and Simulation: We are inviting our community members, developer friends, that we know to use and test our product.
  • Marketing Deliverables
    Active Social Channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium)
    Liaise with Media Outlets & 2+ PR Press Releases
    Daily Interactions with Community, Community Members 500+
    Twitter followers 2000+
    Pre-launch & Post main-net launch Marketing Activities
    1 Video Tutorial on YouTube

Milestone 2 - Mainnet Launch (Grant: 50k)
Timeline: 2022-January Mid-to-late

  • Product Deliverables:
    a. Home Page that shows the info of the product and the key feature.Stake Dapp provides users the ability to stake tokens for a selectable locktime, with a maximum locktime of 1 year. By locking tokens in the staking contract, the user will get the lottery tickets.
    b. Launchpool Dapp provides users the ability to complete the quest of the project, get the project-specific lottery tickets, and participate in the tokens and NFT airdrops with their lottery tickets.
    c. GameFiPad Dapp provides users the ability to complete the quest of the GameFi project, get the project-specific lottery tickets, and participate in the tokens sales with their lottery tickets.
    d. NFTPad Dapp provides users the ability to complete the quest of the project, get project-specific lottery tickets, and participate in the NFT sales with their lottery tickets.
  • Marketing Deliverables:
    a. 4+ Medium Articles Including Step-by-step Tutorials & Marketing Activity TutorialsAMA is planned with the Tier 2 cex Community and the Conflux Official Community.
    b. 10+ KOL announcements of our project.
    c. We would like to cooperate with several Conflux projects to execute the marketing activities, such as Phantom, Flux, Koichi, ACY, TriAngleDao team.
    d. Daily Interactions with Community, Community Members 800+.
    e. Twitter followers 4000+.
    f. Pre-launch & Post main-net launch Marketing Activities.

6. Long-Term Vision: What is the team’s long-term vision for the project?

TurboStarter will provide low-risk participation frameworks is essential to reach global retail in venture capital, as most retail investors cannot afford to risk large portions of their money. By providing an opportunity to everyday people to safely grow their own capital, we aim to improve the quality of millions of lives while simultaneously enabling a new funding source for innovation worldwide. We will launch our dapp on other blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC,Avalanche, Polygon.

7. Community Engagement:

TurboStarter’s tutorials will be released to the Conflux community and to the public three days prior to the product launch date.

8) Others

Social Channels:


Welcome, seems like the people in China are hard to participant in the KYC process? Any solution to solve this problem?

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Conflux would greatly benefit from having a launchpad, I’ve seen some projects originally intending to launch here migrate to other chains and the presence of launchpads was definitely part of the reason.


How to get rid of the voting result is more related to the whale user’s preference?

Thank you for the great questions! TurboStarter is a decentralized platform, whether there is a KYC process is determined by the project. Residents from China can choose to participate in projects that accepts Chinese KYC or ones that don’t have any KYC requirements.

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Yeah, This is also our original intention for this project.

We will use the two parameters of the number of voters and the number of tokens held by voters to determine whether the project is approved.

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Must support, has your stake contract been audited? Better to review it to avoid risk.

Plz check pm