Grant Proposal Review Process & Project Eligibility


The mission of Conflux’s Global Ecosystem Grants Program is to drive innovation and development of Conflux’s ecosystem and communities across the globe.

Program Details

Conflux’s Global Ecosystem Grants Program will accept applications on a rolling basis with applicants submitting applications directly to the forum for review. Grant applicants are able to submit proposals for any of the open grant categories in the forum, or areas of focus outlined on the Conflux website.

The grant application process, from first application submission to a final decision should take between 1-2 months.

1. Submit Application

  • Projects submit their grant applications to the Conflux Forum.
  • Community engages with projects on the forum, and community sentiment reviewed (ex. polling).

2. Grants Committee (GC) Review

  • The GC reviews and scores new applications.
  • The GC can arrange calls with projects to learn more and suggest changes.

3. Shortlisted Decision

  • The GC can shortlist up to 10 projects per month for final decision. (Note: this number is subject to change.)
  • Top 10 projects based on the GC global score for open grant applications.

4. Final Decision

  • In v1 of Global Grant’s new process, Conflux Foundation will make all final decisions on grant awards.
  • In v2, following a pathway to decentralization, grant decisions will be governed by a community run DAO.


Projects can receive funding of up to $100k based on market potential and alignment with Conflux Network’s vision.

Tier 1

  • Funding: Up to $15k
  • Timeline: 0-2 months
  • Stage: L1, only idea, and no demo or MVP

Tier 2

  • Funding: Up to $50k
  • Timeline: 2-6 months
  • Stage: L2, already have a product demo or MVP

Tier 3

  • Funding: Up to $100k
  • Timeline: ~6 months
  • Stage: L2, product demo and MVP

Project Eligibility

  • Project work should be in progress and open-source for community use, transparency and for quicker due diligence for decision making.

  • The teams should have experience in delivering blockchain solutions in the past.

  • Projects should be working towards tangible outcomes that can be achieved in a set timeframe, preferably 6 months or less. We are looking for sharpshooters with precise, actionable aim in mind.

  • Projects should be able to clearly disclose what the grant shall be used for with a detailed breakdown of costs.

  • The teams need to demonstrate a long term commitment to build and operate their solutions on the Conflux Network, thus mutually beneficial for the growth of the platform and the products that are built.

  • Grants with lower budgets and quicker time frames will receive quicker decisions.

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