Graphic Generalist Grant Proposals

Funding Tier: 2.5k usd / 6 month contract
Project Overview: multi branch graphic design, This contributes to the visual appeal of the project, i help the conflux marketing department to better display its products

Project Details: I do everything I can to make conflux products look better, depending on what is needed. However, each of the conflux communities requires visual objects. like 3D ads design, 2D poster or banner, logo, nft Or anything else.

Team: Mehdi abdi
no team work
Fenix Finance Designer (
gender and Nationality: man, asian
(2D intermediate Designer(all branches), 3D intermediate Designer (except character design), Amateur nft designer, intermediate logo design, stylist, intermediate video creator (motion design)
2.5 years of work experience in various branches of graphics (More like a generalist designer)

Grant Milestone:
Total grant budget: 2.5k / (1k for ads if needed)
Total timeline: 6 month
milestone1: nft create, special character creation / Budget: 170$ monthly

Deliverable 1 Title: bunch of nft(s) for Conflux , 3 nft every month

milestone 2: community visual graphic requirements / monthly 80$

Deliverable 1 Title: working with all communities for what they need for better ads and
communication production and assets which need (website asset and etc)

Deliverable 2 Title: product or content ads with influencers for better efficiency

Community Engagement: communication for content requirement

Delivery Requirements: Complete information of the content you need or the specific nft you have in mind



Hi Mehdi, thank you for applying for a Conflux Network grant!

If I understand it correctly, you’re planning to offer graphic design services to all Conflux ecosystem projects, free of charge, on an on-demand basis, is that correct?

Yes, it’s actually on demand base and I wrote what I can do