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Mustafa Tatlıcı
Co-Founder of Midle
Co-Founder at GAMI World, Gamer Arena, Better.Fan and Investor at Ruut, Ace Games

Kavin Mahbubani
CEO of Midle
Head of BD, Partnership director, Advisor for several Web3 Companies

Berkay Hacifettahoglu
COO of Midle
Product Manager at Web3 Companies.

Emre Özgün
Lead Developer
Developer at Tech Companies

Nurullah Gündogdu
Full-Stack Developer
Developer at Tech Companies

Burak Özdemir
Mobile Developer
Mobile Developer at Tech Companies

Çağatay Kaydır
Front End Developer
Front End Developer at Tech Companies

Fatih Kaya
Product Owner
Product Owner at Web3 Companies

Mert Mergen
Design Lead
Art Director, Designer at Marketing Agencies

Emre Tanrıover
Motion Designer
Motion Designer at Marketing Agencies

Zeynep Ozturk
Head of Legalöztürk-291413147/

Mahir Dönmez
Social Media Manager

Arda Ozsahin
Community Manager

Grant Tier: Tier 1
Grant Size: $5K
Justification: 80% of the received grants will be distributed to our users as a reward for the use of the Conflux network and dApps on the Conflux network. The remaining 20% will be used for the marketing of these campaigns. Conflux network and several dApps in conflux network will be integrated into Midle.

Example Tasks:

  • Use this bridge (i.e. Swap $A from Conflux to ETH)
  • Swap this token
  • Mint a NFT on Conflux


Midle is the web and mobile app boosts user acquisition, retention and engagement. It helps achieve measurable and sustainable marketing results with its task-to-earn business model and data processing features.

Midle is strategic partner of CoinTelegraph and participant in the CoinTelegraph Accelerator Program.

After registration, users connect their web3 wallets and social media accounts to Midle. They participate in rewarding campaigns by completing simple social media and onchain tasks. These tasks can be social media tasks such as Twitter Like, Join Telegram, Twitter RT, Discord Join, Reddit Follow or onchain tasks such as Stake Token, Hold Token, Use Bridge.

Brands increase user acquisition, retention and engagement by creating these tasks and campaigns. By running a measurable marketing campaign with Midle, brands acquire Web3-oriented, Web3-related real users. In addition, by directing their own users to these campaigns, they both provide retention and reward their users.

Apart from this, users earn Midle points per task they complete in Midle. With these Midle points, they can win prizes by participating in weekly and monthly giveaways organised by Midle. These giveaway prizes are distributed by Midle.

In Midle, users can act together with their friends by forming a clan or joining a clan. Users who rank high on clan and user leaderboards are also rewarded with token rewards every month. Clan and user leaderboard rewards are distributed by Midle.


Midle currently has 30K+ users. The number of users is growing every day. The users are mainly from Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines and USA.

Midle is currently partnered with 200+ projects such as Astar, Aurora, Sandbox, Fuse.


While targeting new users in Midle, we integrate different networks into our system. We distribute rewards by carrying out campaigns with the networks we integrate. More rewards bring more users. More users enable us to integrate by reaching more networks. With the campaigns we make, we reach the user base of different networks. We also direct our users to those networks.


Midle has many competitors such as Galxe, Zealy, QuestN, TaskOn. Midle’s main difference from its competitors is its own rewarding system, gamification fiction and automated task system.

Automated Task System is a system that instantly creates tasks for all posts shared by the brand on social media. For example, when the brand shares a post on Twitter, the system automatically opens Like, RT, Comment tasks for that post. Thus, the brand is boosted on social media without any effort.

In addition to the campaign awards distributed by the projects in Midle, Midle’s own leaderboards and giveaways are distributed to users. This means that users have more opportunities to win prizes.

Midle’s gamification fiction, clan structure and leaderboard system prevent users from staying active on the platform and completing only the campaigns of certain projects. Users complete the campaigns and tasks of all projects that are onboarded to Midle. This helps to increase the visibility of projects with a small community.


In Midle, web3 wallets are integrated via SDK for user login. In social media tasks, when the user completes the task, our system connects to the APIs of the relevant social media and checks whether the user has completed the task. In onchain tasks, it checks the user’s transaction history from chain explorers and confirms that the user has completed the task.


Midle currently has 30K+ users, 3M+ unique visitors and 60K+ followers on social media accounts. Midle currently has 200+ projects onboarded on the project side and 30+ paid clients.

You can find Midle’s achievements and case studies of its collaborations with projects on the medium account below.

Social Media:

Stage: Post Revenue
Security: Midle doesn’t have a smart contract yet. Because of this doesn’t have audit too.

Benefit to Conflux Ecosystem

If we get this grant, we will integrate with some dApps in the Conflux ecosystem and create a campaign. We will also gift 1 month subscription to all projects in the Conflux ecosystem. Thus, the user base of all projects in the Conflux ecosystem will increase and growth will accelerate.

Economic Benefit

Since our users will perform transactions on the Conflux network to complete the tasks in the created campaigns, the transaction of the network will also increase. NFTs on the network will be minted, bridges will be used. Our users will be aware of the dApps on the Conflux network. Thus, they will engage in the Conflux network.


Grant Plan

When the grant we will receive from the Conflux network is approved, we will prepare a campaign of 10 tasks by integrating the dex, bridge, nft marketplaces that provide us with APIs in the Conflux network with our development team. With this campaign, we will aim to add transactions to Conflux and add awareness to dApps.

While preparing the integration for the campaign, we will send a message to all participants in the Conflux ecosystem and give a 1-month free subscription. In this context, our aim will be to boost the social media accounts of the dApps in the Conflux network and ensure that the entire Conflux ecosystem is recognised by Midle users.

Users Acquisition

With this grant, we will aim to acquire users from Conflux network to Midle. In addition, with the 1-month free subscription we give to the projects in the Conflux ecosystem, the users of those projects will also join Midle.

In addition, we will use 20% of the grant we receive for marketing to influencers followed by airdrop and bounty hunters. Thus, the number of users of Midle will increase. Transactions in the Conflux network will increase and the awareness of projects in the Conflux ecosystem will increase.

Proposal OKR’s

  • Integration of minimum 3 dApps on Conflux Network
  • Campaign Creation on Midle
  • 1000+ Participants to Conflux Campaign.


After signing the grant paper, we will start performing the following steps:

Milestone 1

1 Month

  • Integrating Conflux Network to Midle
  • Integrating min 3 dApps from Conflux Ecosystem to Midle
  • Creating Conflux Ecosystem Campaign on Midle

Requested Fund: $1000

Milestone 2

2 Week

  • Free 1-month subscription for Conflux Ecosystem dApps
  • Creating campaign for this dApps on Midle
  • 1000+ participants to Conflux dApps Campaigns
  • Marketing activities for Conflux Campaigns.

Requested Fund: $2000

Milestone 3

  • 1000+ participants to Conflux Ecosystem Campaign
  • 5000+ participants to all Conflux dApp Campaigns (Free Subscription)
  • 10000+ transactions on Conflux Network

Requested Fund: $2000

Since we will have integrated several dApps in the Conflux network and given 1-month subscriptions to many projects, we will be in contact with all of these projects. We will renew subscriptions with projects that are satisfied with our service. Thus, our campaigns will continue with the projects in the Conflux network and we will continue to increase the transactions in the Conflux network.